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Xisco Fauli 1f716ec6b6 QA: this can go now 5 days ago
.git-hooks add automatic git hook setting in 5 years ago
NSAXSpy Adjust NSAXSpy for current TextMate version. 5 years ago
addon_wizard Addon Wizard 2 years ago
archives corereleasebranches is only of historical interest 6 years ago
bibisect bibisect: Add notes re: ccache and autogen 4 years ago
build-analysis drop obsolete tool 3 years ago
ccache-msvc update ccache for MSVC from 2.4 to 3.1.8 6 years ago
ciabot ciabot: update git to production instance version 1 month ago
clang clang: add readability-redundant-pp tool 6 months ago
cppcheck Change gitweb url to gitiles url. 6 months ago
esc-reporting ESC: Add high priority bugs 2 weeks ago
export-validation export-validation: add simple epub validator wrapper 1 year ago
flatpak Still need to fetch updates for the lo repo if it's already there 1 year ago
gdb/pretty-printers-test fix test 7 years ago
gerrit Remove obsolete gerrit/gerrit_site/etc/ tree 1 month ago
gerritbot fdo#84227 Use only last patchset for modules 4 years ago
gerritircbot add configuration files for IRC gerrit bot 6 years ago
git-hooks git-hooks, core: mention author names in From field again 1 month ago
help3/html Some tweaks in the editor UI 4 months ago
helpauthoring Removed fileonly variable in soffice2xmlhelp transformation file 1 year ago
junitdebug tried to just use 'our' instance, but oosplash is too unstable 8 years ago
lcov lcov: add new suites to rtf test areas 1 year ago
lionss fdo#39439: Add lionss, the LibreOffice Normative String Searcher 4 years ago
modules_dep graphviz output and suppresion of gbuildified subtrees 6 years ago
opencl sma improvements + windows fixes 5 years ago
prettyprint Add text/xml as valid mime-type 1 year ago
qa QA: this can go now 5 days ago
release added script to simplify pootle extract 3 years ago
scripts git-cherry-gerrit: Show more about the missing commits too. 6 months ago
stubber Little fixes on the stubber 7 years ago
test-bugzilla-files keep cores 5 months ago
ubuntu-jenkins install git plugin right from the start 7 years ago
uitest mass-uitesting: deselect all sheets before using hide/show 3 weeks ago
uno/uno_exception_offset Add uno exception offset computation project 4 years ago
update-stats-geoip Add update-stats-geoip for tracking of updates pings per country. 5 years ago
vim_scripts add example script for youcompleteme 2 years ago
.clang-format clang: format find-unprefixed-members 1 year ago
.gitignore .gitignore: VIM swap files 3 years ago
.gitreview add configuration files for IRC gerrit bot 6 years ago
README.gnumake remove gnu make, they have their own home now 5 years ago add automatic git hook setting in 5 years ago Use curl if available in libo_git_from_tar 6 years ago make script more portable and bullet-proof 3 years ago


There used to be customized versions of GNU make here in the dirs:

These have been moved to the repository hosted at:


in the branches:


Please find and use these new locations, thanks.