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OCA-git-bot 540bb69d35 [ADD] 1 week ago
account_payment_unece Improve invoice create test 10 months ago
account_tax_unece [11.0][MIG] account_tax_unece: porting to V11 1 year ago
base_bank_from_iban [ADD] base_bank_from_iban: Get bank from IBAN number (#32) 1 year ago
base_currency_iso_4217 Fixed data files, added decimals, python reformat 3 months ago
base_iso3166 [FIX] base_iso3166: Protect compute on missing countries 3 months ago
base_unece [11.0][MIG] base_unece: porting + minor changes 1 year ago
product_uom_extra_data [RENAME] product_uom -> product_uom_extra_data 2 months ago
product_uom_unece [IMP] product_uom_unece: Add UNECE codes for american UoM 8 months ago
setup [ADD] 1 week ago
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requirements.txt [MIG] base_3166: Migration to 11.0 1 year ago

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Community Data Files

This project is a collection of OpenERP modules containing various data files that are too big to fit the official addons or the other Community projects.

Such data files may include for example tax tables, lists of ZIP codes, official activity nomenclatures…

This project is the continuation of OpenERP-Nomenclatures, which had a narrower scope limited to only official files provided by government agencies.