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Merge pull request #690 from Eficent/11.0-imp-purchase_request-change-product
3 days ago
procurement_purchase_no_grouping [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
product_supplierinfo_discount [UPD] README.rst 6 months ago
purchase_date_planned_manual Update translation files 6 months ago
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purchase_discount [FIX] purchase_discount: Fix price_unit reassignation 4 months ago
purchase_exception [UPD] Update purchase_exception.pot 10 months ago
purchase_landed_cost [FIX] purchase_landed_cost: Proper domain 2 months ago
purchase_line_procurement_group [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
purchase_location_by_line [UPD] Update purchase_location_by_line.pot 7 months ago
purchase_minimum_amount [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
purchase_open_qty Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_order_approval_block [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
purchase_order_approved Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_order_archive [UPD] Update purchase_order_archive.pot 7 months ago
purchase_order_line_deep_sort [11.0][FIX] purchase_order_line_deep_sort: Fix sorted with string and False values 5 days ago
purchase_order_line_description Update translation files 5 months ago
purchase_order_line_stock_available [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
purchase_order_product_recommendation Update translation files 3 weeks ago
purchase_order_product_recommendation_secondary_unit [ADD] icon.png 2 months ago
purchase_order_secondary_unit [11.0][IMP/FIX] sale_secondary_unit limit secondary uom in order line 5 months ago
purchase_product_usage [UPD] Update purchase_product_usage.pot 4 months ago
purchase_request [11.0][IMP] purchase_request: Allow change product on make PO 1 week ago
purchase_request_department Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_request_order_approved Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_request_product_usage Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_request_tier_validation Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 weeks ago
purchase_tier_validation Update translation files 1 month ago
setup [ADD] 3 weeks ago
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Odoo modules for purchase and its workflow

This project aim to deal with modules related to manage purchase and their related workflow. You’ll find modules that:

  • Allow to easily group purchase order
  • Choose the cheapest supplier
  • Add validation step