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The main idea of this project is to provide PostgreSQL and its Extensions packages for all supported PostgreSQL versions and debian version. That means things like PostgreSQL 9.1 for squeeze, with all known debian extensions, and for sid and wheezy too. And same for 8.3 and 8.4 and 9.0 and 9.1 and 9.2. Targeting i386 and amd64.

Build System

The build system is currently based on jenkins and some scripting. Jenkins is only about launching the build jobs, the real work is done in the scripts.

Adding a new PostgreSQL version to the repository

  • Update and re-generate the distributions file
  • Update PG_DEVEL_VERSION in pgapt.conf
  • Possibly update the Jenkins pipeline jobs to include the new version
  • Update the repository master host: cd /srv/apt/; git pull
  • Create new Jenkins jobs and build them

Changing the default PostgreSQL version

  • Update PG_MAIN_VERSION in pgapt.conf
  • Update the repository master host: cd /srv/apt/; git pull
  • Rebuild the old default version so its libpq gets added to the extra component (as it was in main before)
  • Rebuild the new default version so its libpq gets added to main (as it was in the extra component before)
  • Possibly update the Jenkins pipeline jobs to stop triggering beta jobs
  • In postgresql-common, update debian/supported-versions
  • To remove obsolete old lib packages, use . /srv/apt/ COMPONENT=11 PKGS="libpq5 libecpg6 libecpg-compat3 libecpg-dev libpgtypes3 libpq-dev" for dist in $PG_SUPPORTED_DISTS; do for pkg in $PKGS; do sudo -u aptuser reprepro -C $COMPONENT remove $dist-pgdg-testing $pkg $pkg-dbgsym; done; done
  • Removing obsolete PG component: . /srv/apt/ COMPONENT=11 PKGS="libecpg6 libecpg-compat3 libecpg-dev libpgtypes3 libpq5 libpq-dev postgresql-$COMPONENT postgresql-$COMPONENT-dbg postgresql-client-$COMPONENT postgresql-contrib-$COMPONENT postgresql-doc-$COMPONENT postgresql-plperl-$COMPONENT postgresql-plpython3-$COMPONENT postgresql-plpython-$COMPONENT postgresql-pltcl-$COMPONENT postgresql-server-dev-$COMPONENT" for dist in $PG_SUPPORTED_DISTS; do for pkg in $PKGS; do sudo -u aptuser reprepro -C $COMPONENT remove $dist-pgdg-testing $pkg $pkg-dbgsym; done; done

Changing the set of supported PostgreSQL versions

  • In postgresql-common, update debian/supported-versions
  • Trigger a postgresql-common build
  • Upgrade postgresql-common on because generate-pgdg-source uses the list when generating debian/control from debian/
  • Restrict deprecated version to dist-filter: '(distribution=="sid")'
  • Announce change on wiki and the mailing list

Adding a new distribution

Update these files:

  • pgapt.conf
  • repo/conf/ and generate repo/conf/distributions from it
  • repo/conf/incoming
  • jenkins/pgapt-jobs.yaml

Update repository master host:

  • cd /srv/apt/; git pull
  • Seed initial packages: reprepro copysrc $newdist-pgdg-testing $olddist-pgdg-testing postgresql-common pgdg-keyring pgdg-buildenv; postgresql-x.y from sid-pgdg-testing (or whatever seems appropriate)
  • possibly: reprepro copymatched $newdist-pgdg $newdist-pgdg-testing *
  • or: reprepro export $newdist-pgdg (so apt can run update on it even if it’s still empty)
  • Wait until the mirror sync has run (xx:17)

Update Jenkins hosts:

  • Run the “” job
  • cd jenkins/ansible; ./setup-buildd.yml
  • Run the “sbuild-update” job

Do the paperwork:

  • Update wiki pages
  • Update pgdg/ in postgresql-common
  • Send announcement