46164 Commits (97c39498e5ca9208d3de5a443a2282923619bf91)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bruce Momjian 97c39498e5 Update copyright for 2019 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut b6f3649bba Convert unaccent tests to UTF-8 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 1707a0d2aa Remove configure switch --disable-strong-random 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier d880b208e5 Fix generation of padding message before encrypting Elgamal in pgcrypto 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 8d3b389ec3 Improve comments and logs in do_pg_stop/start_backup 10 months ago
  Noah Misch aa019da523 Process EXTRA_INSTALL serially, during the first temp-install. 10 months ago
  Noah Misch 76f7b0b08a Send EXTRA_INSTALL errors to install.log, not stderr. 10 months ago
  Noah Misch 94600dd4f4 pg_regress: Promptly detect failed postmaster startup. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane d01e75d68e Update leakproofness markings on some btree comparison functions. 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera e439c6f0c3 Remove some useless code 10 months ago
  Tom Lane b2edbbd02d Fix oversight in commit b5415e3c2187ab304390524f5ae66b4bd2c58279. 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 60d99797bf Change "checkpoint starting" message to use "wal" 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 0a6ea4001a Add a hash opclass for type "tid". 10 months ago
  Tom Lane b5415e3c21 Support parameterized TidPaths. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 6f19a8c41f Teach eval_const_expressions to constant-fold LEAST/GREATEST expressions. 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier e0ef136d52 Trigger stmt_beg and stmt_end for top-level statement blocks of PL/pgSQL 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 4203842a1c Use pg_strong_random() to select each server process's random seed. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 6645ad6bdd Use a separate random seed for SQL random()/setseed() functions. 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 1a4eba4e24 pg_rewind: Add missing newline to error message 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut e3299d36a9 Remove redundant translation markers 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 0a5a493f04 Improve description of DEFAULT_XLOG_SEG_SIZE in pg_config.h 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 6b9bba2df8 Marginal performance hacking in erand48.c. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane e090466411 Fix latent problem with pg_jrand48(). 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 4ed6c071b8 Fix thinko in previous commit 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera e8b0e6b82d Rewrite ExecPartitionCheckEmitError for clarity 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier f7ea1a4233 Clarify referential actions in docs of CREATE/ALTER TABLE 10 months ago
  Alexander Korotkov 0c6f4f9212 Reduce length of GIN predicate locking isolation test suite 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut ae4472c619 Remove obsolete IndexIs* macros 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 5c82830797 pg_dump: Add missing newline to error message 10 months ago
  Alexander Korotkov b450abd255 Remove entry tree root conflict checking from GIN predicate locking 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 1e504f01da Ignore inherited temp relations from other sessions when truncating 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 8528e3d849 Fix failure to check for open() or fsync() failures. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane e9fcfed3fb Fix portability failure introduced in commits d2b0b60e7 et al. 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier f89ae34ab8 Improve tab completion of ALTER INDEX/TABLE with SET STATISTICS in psql 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier b981df4cc0 Prioritize history files when archiving 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier bf491a9073 Disable WAL-skipping optimization for COPY on views and foreign tables 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 11a60d4961 Add completion for storage parameters after CREATE TABLE WITH in psql 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 66ca44084d Add WRITE_*_ARRAY macros 10 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 323eaf9825 Add some const decorations 11 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut f4eabaf3e0 Fix ancient compiler warnings and typos in !HAVE_SYMLINK code 10 months ago
  Alexander Korotkov c952eae52a Check for conflicting queries during replay of gistvacuumpage() 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 7c15cef86d Base information_schema.sql_identifier domain on name, not varchar. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 5bbee34d9f Avoid producing over-length specific_name outputs in information_schema. 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 7b14bcc06c Fix lock level used for partition when detaching it 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 42bdf853f6 Doc: fix ancient mistake in search_path documentation. 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 216af5eea5 Make bitmapset.c use 64-bit bitmap words on 64-bit machines. 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 0c2377152f DETACH PARTITION: hold locks on indexes until end of transaction 10 months ago
  Michael Paquier 4cba9c2a33 Add more tab completion for CREATE TABLE in psql 10 months ago
  Greg Stark 1075dfdaf3 Fix ADD IF NOT EXISTS used in conjunction with ALTER TABLE ONLY 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 2ece7c07dc Add text-vs-name cross-type operators, and unify name_ops with text_ops. 10 months ago