17 Commits (97c39498e5ca9208d3de5a443a2282923619bf91)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bruce Momjian 97c39498e5 Update copyright for 2019 10 months ago
  Tom Lane 7c91a0364f Sync up our various ways of estimating pg_class.reltuples. 1 year ago
  Tom Lane d04900de7d When updating reltuples after ANALYZE, just extrapolate from our sample. 1 year ago
  Bruce Momjian 9d4649ca49 Update copyright for 2018 1 year ago
  Tom Lane 382ceffdf7 Phase 3 of pgindent updates. 2 years ago
  Tom Lane e3860ffa4d Initial pgindent run with pg_bsd_indent version 2.0. 2 years ago
  Bruce Momjian a6fd7b7a5f Post-PG 10 beta1 pgindent run 2 years ago
  Simon Riggs af4b1a0869 Refactor GetOldestXmin() to use flags 2 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 1d25779284 Update copyright via script for 2017 2 years ago
  Stephen Frost fd321a1dfd Remove superuser checks in pgstattuple 3 years ago
  Kevin Grittner a343e223a5 Revert no-op changes to BufferGetPage() 3 years ago
  Kevin Grittner 8b65cf4c5e Modify BufferGetPage() to prepare for "snapshot too old" feature 3 years ago
  Noah Misch 4ad6f13500 Copyedit comments and documentation. 3 years ago
  Robert Haas a892234f83 Change the format of the VM fork to add a second bit per page. 3 years ago
  Bruce Momjian ee94300446 Update copyright for 2016 3 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 807b9e0dff pgindent run for 9.5 4 years ago
  Andres Freund 5850b20f58 Add pgstattuple_approx() to the pgstattuple extension. 4 years ago