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  Bruce Momjian 97c39498e5 Update copyright for 2019 10 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera f2c587067a Rethink how to get float.h in old Windows API for isnan/isinf 1 year ago
  Bruce Momjian 9d4649ca49 Update copyright for 2018 1 year ago
  Bruce Momjian 1d25779284 Update copyright via script for 2017 2 years ago
  Bruce Momjian ee94300446 Update copyright for 2016 3 years ago
  Tom Lane dd7a8f66ed Redesign tablesample method API, and do extensive code review. 4 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 807b9e0dff pgindent run for 9.5 4 years ago
  Magnus Hagander 3b075e9d7b Fix typos in comments 4 years ago
  Simon Riggs 56e121a508 contrib/tsm_system_time 4 years ago
  Simon Riggs 4d40494b11 contrib/tsm_system_rows 4 years ago