47317 Commits (ac5bb8f275dd9b2746fe6d433f1c08c1c3bd3d61)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Eisentraut ac5bb8f275 Add XSL stylesheet to fix up SVG files 8 months ago
  Magnus Hagander 66013fe730 Fix typo 8 months ago
  Magnus Hagander 992fe54e77 Replace an occurrence of slave with standby 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier 414cca40d5 Remove last references to WAL segment size in MSVC scripts 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier 3c28fd2281 Fix description of WAL record XLOG_BTREE_META_CLEANUP 8 months ago
  Andres Freund 23224563d9 Fix memory corruption/crash in ANALYZE. 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 8b21b416ed Avoid spurious deadlocks when upgrading a tuple lock 8 months ago
  Thomas Munro aca127c105 Prevent Parallel Hash Join for JOIN_UNIQUE_INNER. 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 0ab7110bcb Stamp 12beta2. 8 months ago
  Peter Eisentraut 91acff7a53 Translation updates 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier b674211788 Fix buffer overflow when processing SCRAM final message in libpq 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier 09ec55b933 Fix buffer overflow when parsing SCRAM verifiers in backend 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier 3412030205 Fix more typos and inconsistencies in the tree 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 9d20b0ec8f Revert "Avoid spurious deadlocks when upgrading a tuple lock" 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 16c4e76f1b Doc: remove description of commit 23bd3cec6 from v12 release notes. 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 6973b058bc Further fix privileges on pg_statistic_ext[_data]. 8 months ago
  Tomas Vondra fc8cf3df47 Fix privileges on pg_statistic_ext.tableoid 8 months ago
  Tomas Vondra 7f44efa10b Fix incorrect CREATE STATISTICS example in docs 8 months ago
  Tomas Vondra aa087ec64f Add pg_stats_ext view for extended statistics 8 months ago
  Tomas Vondra 6cbfb784c3 Rework the pg_statistic_ext catalog 8 months ago
  Andrew Gierth e3846a00c2 Prefer timezone name "UTC" over alternative spellings. 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera a193cbec11 Add pg_dumpall --rows-per-insert 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 313f56ce2d Tweak libpq's PQhost, PQhostaddr, and psql's \connect 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 3da73d6839 Silence compiler warning 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian b9a0724cf7 doc: PG 12 relnotes, add mention of single-child optimization 8 months ago
  Etsuro Fujita 08d2d58a2a postgres_fdw: Fix costing of pre-sorted foreign paths with local stats. 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian be2e024bd6 docs: PG 12 relnotes, update self-join item to mention ctid 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian 18ef7a34fe docs: PG 12 relnotes, move vacuumdb to the client app section 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier f43608bda2 Fix typos and inconsistencies in code comments 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier 96719e52b1 Use OpenSSL-specific ifdefs in sha2.h 8 months ago
  Tom Lane d25ea01275 Avoid combinatorial explosion in add_child_rel_equivalences(). 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera de87a084c0 Avoid spurious deadlocks when upgrading a tuple lock 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 3c8f8f6ebe Mark ReplicationSlotCtl as PGDLLIMPORT. 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera b976845815 Fix double-word typos 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian 4f41a72275 doc: PG 12 relnotes: update wording on truncate/vacuum item 8 months ago
  Etsuro Fujita 8b6da83d16 postgres_fdw: Account for triggers in non-direct remote UPDATE planning. 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 7dc6ae37de Doc: fix bogus example. 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 9729c93608 Doc: improve description of allowed spellings for Boolean input. 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian 4bfb79ff6b docs: PG 12 relnotes, update btree items 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 3d99a81397 Fix incorrect printing of queries with duplicated join names. 8 months ago
  David Rowley ddc053dc50 doc: Fix grammatical error in partitioning docs 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian 9680728371 doc: PG 12 relnotes, list added snowball/FTS languages 8 months ago
  Bruce Momjian 6a631a4546 doc: PG 12 relnotes, merge new SQL partition function items 8 months ago
  Tom Lane e76de88615 Fix ALTER COLUMN TYPE failure with a partial exclusion constraint. 8 months ago
  Michael Paquier ceac4505d3 Fix handling of COMMENT for domain constraints 8 months ago
  David Rowley e788e849ad doc: Add best practises section to partitioning docs 8 months ago
  Tom Lane 6f34fcbbd5 Fix conversion of JSON strings to JSON output columns in json_to_record(). 8 months ago
  Alvaro Herrera 9f05c44ba4 Fix order of steps in DISCARD ALL documentation 8 months ago
  Andres Freund fff2a7d7bd Don't access catalogs to validate GUCs when not connected to a DB. 8 months ago
  Etsuro Fujita 92a88644d2 postgres_fdw: Reorder C includes. 8 months ago