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  Lipu Fei c0bce6ffd4 Move Jenkins timeout into parallel_nodes block 1 year ago
  Lipu Fei 6997c2d2dc Add timeout for Jenkinsfile 1 year ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 103f880d0a Properly quote CMake arguments that may contain spaces on Windows 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 7b3290213a Add missing " sign 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 07ff4054e9 Fall back properly if the build env for a specific branch does not exist 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra d531d85aa2 Select build environment on CI based on branch name 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 2620d7748e Pass the right Uranium directory to CMake when running on CI 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 1d008bdfc2 Allow empty JUnit results so a test failure does not become a build fail 2 years ago
  Arjen Hiemstra 6a28368beb Add a Jenkinsfile so Cura will be tested on CI 2 years ago