50 Commits (master)

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  Jonathan McDowell 74fa422600 Update changelog for upload to unstable 5 months ago
  Frédéric Bonnard d2a2aa5ab9 Fix FTBFS on ppc64* (Closes: #907170) 11 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 28d7ae69ee Remove debian/source/options - xz is now the default 6 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell fd4207b44f Set Rules-Requires-Root to no 6 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 435d4a8c37 Mark last upload as a team upload 6 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 57b4535464 Don't hardcode the gcc tarball name (Closes: #916412) 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 976ab55d8a Update debian/copyright to cover additional source files 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 3cc2537c3a Update changelog for upload to unstable 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell ae3cd48294 Add dependency on zlib1g-dev for gcc and LLVM backends (Closes: #913945) 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell 63e52b04e5 Switch to GCC 8 (Closes: #915734) 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell a8f83debf6 Allow builds with LLVM 7+ (Closes: #912564) 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell ecce740269 Refresh modify-install-paths patch 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell bb449ebf09 Update changelog to indicate 0.35+git20181129-1 8 months ago
  Jonathan McDowell b190c7c7f1 New upstream version 0.35+git20181129+dfsg 8 months ago
  Andreas Bombe 88adfd51e0 Mark ghdl as Multi-Arch: same 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 5e128ccad0 Consider build profiles and architecture in ghdl dependencies 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 6026f06e48 Changelog for 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-2 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe d44c9d7741 Fix disabling mcode backend building on non-x86 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe accd7580f1 Finalize changelog for 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-1 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 0c04efa231 Fix lintian spelling-error-in-patch-description in versioning patch 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe f8b3293d83 Disable ISL library for gcc build for now, causes build errors 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 87793dcdd0 Allow llvm-dev up to version 6, should be supported by GHDL 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 5cf74e7318 Use dh_missing --list-missing 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 437b357f06 Let Makefile.in respect LDFLAGS from environment 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe db28765f54 Add ghdl-gcc lintian override for hardening-no-pie 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe c457f08052 Add lintian overrides for shared-lib-without-dependency-information 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 18a3b3bdaf Use current FSF address in debian/copyright 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 7e0ba09236 Change installation paths for VHDL libraries 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 895f335df5 Change error message in ghdl wrapper 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe c1fa01fc6d Force disable mcode build in debian/rules when not building for x86 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 40360bda72 Remove update-ghdl-libraries and associated configuration for now 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 0a56ae30b7 Bump Standards-Version to 4.2.0 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 636f881aa4 Use 'builddir' instead of 'build' as build directory 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 2cd71e5345 Make the common ghdl package Architecture: any instead of all 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe b048b4a4f1 Use gcc sources 7.3.0-dfsg instead of 7.2.0-dfsg 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe b36703ee7f Adjust copyright years for Patrick Lehmann in debian/copyright 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 1a9ed31914 Adapt patches to new upstream version 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 905e8eacf7 Update Standards-Version to 4.1.4 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 7f82bcd0e5 Reopen changelog with the newly imported upstream version 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe b54806d339 Restore .gitignore 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 2203c9ef2c Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.35+git20180503+dfsg' 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 3be9bced3c New upstream version 0.35+git20180503+dfsg 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 908e5ac4a3 Switch Vcs-* fields in debian/control to salsa.debian.org URLs 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 0634a43ca5 Add full text of CC-BY-SA license in debian/copyright 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 28b2f445d0 Make "Files: *" first in debian/copyright for correct parsing 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 04366284f5 synopsys.ghdllib: Add compilation sources for VHDL-2008 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 29930dc958 update-ghdl-libraries: Add -fexplicit and -frelaxed-rules to default compile args 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 48704934c0 update-ghdl-libraries: Additional 'work' and 'copywork' configuration keys 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 6d3a3dfe2a New Debianization of ghdl 1 year ago
  Andreas Bombe 695fcd2aa2 New upstream version 0.35+dfsg 1 year ago