Scripts to use Equinix Bare Metal API
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# eqx-cluster-create
# Create a cluster of bare metal on Equinix.
# Generates random project name if none is given.
# Using existing names will cause issues!
# Usage:
# eqx-cluster-create [project name]
# Example:
# eqx-cluster-create foocluster
# eqx-cluster-create
# XXX check name isn't in use.
#set -x
# Set static variables here
# Probably leave these variables alone
if [[ $1 == "" ]]
then EQXPROJECT=`eqx-create-project`
else eqx-create-project "$EQXPROJECT"
EQXHOSTNAME=`dd bs=12 count=1 if=/dev/random 2>/dev/null | base64 | tr [:upper:] [:lower:] | tr -dc [:alpha:]`
EQXPROJECTID=`eqx-get-project-uuid $EQXPROJECT`
echo "Spot Max: $EQXSPOTMAX"
echo "Project: $EQXPROJECT"
echo "ProjectID: $EQXPROJECTID"
echo "Facility: $EQXFACILITY"
echo "Plan: $EQXPLAN"
echo "Hostname: $EQXHOSTNAME"
echo "OS: $EQXOS"
echo "Tag: $EQXTAGS"
#cat >> tmpfoo <<EOF
packet device create \
--plan "$EQXPLAN" \
--spot-instance \
--spot-price-max="$EQXSPOTMAX" \
--project-id "$EQXPROJECTID" \
--facility "$EQXFACILITY" \
--hostname "$EQXHOSTNAME" \
--operating-system "$EQXOS" \
--tags "$EQXTAGS"
-c, --customdata string Custom data
-r, --hardware-reservation-id string UUID of the hardware reservation
-i, --ipxe-script-url string URL to the iPXE script
-v, --public-ipv4-subnet-size int Size of the public IPv4 subnet
-T, --termination-time string Device termination time: --termination-time="15:04:05"
-u, --userdata string Userdata for device initialization (can not be used with --userdata-file)
--userdata-file string Path to a userdata file for device initialization (can not be used with --userdata)
-a, --always-pxe
-b, --billing-cycle string Billing cycle (default "hourly")