Contains OCA addons specific to Fork Sand Inc.
Вы не можете выбрать более 25 тем Темы должны начинаться с буквы или цифры, могут содержать дефисы(-) и должны содержать не более 35 символов.


Forksand Website


Website content for FS website for Odoo

What this website contains:

* Home
* Contact Us
* About Us (Need new image and more branding content)
* Shop (Odoo e-commerce)
* Search Products (Look for product, not only saleables)
* Search Bill of Materials (Look for Bill of Materials)


* Favicon:

Go to `Odoo Settings > General Settings > Website` and add favicon manually

* Nav Logo:

Go to `Odoo Settings > Companies` select main company and add logo manually