Crufty scripts.
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# this supports ECP5 Versa board
interface ftdi
ftdi_device_desc "Lattice ECP5 Versa Board"
ftdi_vid_pid 0x0403 0x6010
# channel 1 does not have any functionality
ftdi_channel 0
# just TCK TDI TDO TMS, no reset
ftdi_layout_init 0xfff8 0xfffb
reset_config none
# default speed
adapter_khz 25000
# ispCLOCK device (should be bypassed by jumpers as it causes problems)
#jtag newtap ispclock tap -irlen 8 -expected-id 0x00191043
# ECP5 device - LFE5UM-45F
jtag newtap ecp5 tap -irlen 8 -expected-id 0x01112043