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Ivan Olenichev 3 years ago
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; General BoM options here
; If 'ignore_dnf' option is set to 1, rows that are not to be fitted on the PCB will not be written to the BoM file
ignore_dnf = 1
; If 'use_alt' option is set to 1, grouped references will be printed in the alternate compressed style eg: R1-R7,R18
use_alt = 0
; If 'alt_wrap' option is set to and integer N, the references field will wrap after N entries are printed
alt_wrap = 0
; If 'number_rows' option is set to 1, each row in the BoM will be prepended with an incrementing row number
number_rows = 1
; If 'group_connectors' option is set to 1, connectors with the same footprints will be grouped together, independent of the name of the connector
group_connectors = 1
; If 'test_regex' option is set to 1, each component group will be tested against a number of regular-expressions (specified, per column, below). If any matches are found, the row is ignored in the output file
test_regex = 1
; If 'merge_blank_fields' option is set to 1, component groups with blank fields will be merged into the most compatible group, where possible
merge_blank_fields = 1
; If '{opt}' option is set to 1, the schematic version number will be appended to the filename.
include_version_number = 1
; Field name used to determine if a particular part is to be fitted
fit_field = Config
; Make a backup of the bom before generating the new one, using the folloing template
make_backup = %O.tmp
; Any column heading that appears here will be excluded from the Generated BoM
; Titles are case-insensitive
Part Lib
Footprint Lib
; Columns will apear in the order they are listed here
; Titles are case-insensitive
Part Lib
Footprint Lib
Quantity Per PCB
Build Quantity
; List of fields used for sorting individual components into groups
; Components which match (comparing *all* fields) will be grouped together
; Field names are case-insensitive
Part Lib
Footprint Lib
; A series of values which are considered to be equivalent for the part name
; Each line represents a tab-separated list of equivalent component name values
; e.g. 'c c_small cap' will ensure the equivalent capacitor symbols can be grouped together
; Aliases are case-insensitive
c c_small cap capacitor
r r_small res resistor
sw switch
l l_small inductor
zener zenersmall
d diode d_small
; A series of regular expressions used to include parts in the BoM
; If there are any regex defined here, only components that match against ANY of them will be included in the BOM
; Column names are case-insensitive
; Format is: "ColumName Regex" (tab-separated)
; A series of regular expressions used to exclude parts from the BoM
; If a component matches ANY of these, it will be excluded from the BoM
; Column names are case-insensitive
; Format is: "ColumName Regex" (tab-separated)
References ^TP[0-9]*
References ^FID
Part mount.*hole
Part solder.*bridge
Part test.*point
Footprint test.*point
Footprint mount.*hole
Footprint fiducial