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Marlin Firmware
(c) 2011-2019 MarlinFirmware
Portions of Marlin are (c) by their respective authors.
All code complies with GPLv2 and/or GPLv3
Greetings! Thank you for choosing Marlin 2 as your 3D printer firmware.
To configure Marlin you must edit Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h
located in the root 'Marlin' folder. Check the config/examples folder to see if
there's a more suitable starting-point for your specific hardware.
Before diving in, we recommend the following essential links:
Marlin Firmware Official Website
The official Marlin Firmware website contains the most up-to-date
documentation. Contributions are always welcome!
A good 20-minute overview of Marlin configuration by Tom Sanladerer.
(Applies to Marlin 1.0.x, so Jerk and Acceleration should be halved.)
Marlin's configuration options are explained in more detail here.
Getting Help
The Marlin Discussion Forum is a great place to get help from other Marlin
users who may have experienced similar issues to your own.
With a free GitHub account you can provide us with feedback, bug reports,
and feature requests via the Marlin Issue Queue.
If you'd like to contribute to Marlin, read this first!
Before submitting code get to know the Coding Standards.