Fork Sand fork of the Globotron USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall.
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* upstream_msc.h
* Created on: 4/07/2015
* Author: Robert Fisk
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at
#include "upstream_spi.h"
#define MSC_MINIMUM_BLOCK_COUNT 16 //I'm feeling arbitrary...
typedef void (*UpstreamMSCCallbackTypeDef)(HAL_StatusTypeDef result);
typedef void (*UpstreamMSCCallbackPacketTypeDef)(UpstreamPacketTypeDef* upstreamPacket,
uint16_t dataLength8);
typedef void (*UpstreamMSCCallbackUintPacketTypeDef)(UpstreamPacketTypeDef* upstreamPacket,
uint32_t result_uint1,
uint32_t result_uint2);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_TestReady(UpstreamMSCCallbackTypeDef callback);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_GetCapacity(UpstreamMSCCallbackUintPacketTypeDef callback);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_BeginRead(UpstreamMSCCallbackTypeDef callback,
uint64_t readBlockStart,
uint32_t readBlockCount,
uint32_t readByteCount);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_GetStreamDataPacket(UpstreamMSCCallbackPacketTypeDef callback);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_BeginWrite(UpstreamMSCCallbackTypeDef callback,
uint64_t writeBlockStart,
uint32_t writeBlockCount);
HAL_StatusTypeDef Upstream_MSC_PutStreamDataPacket(UpstreamPacketTypeDef* packetToSend,
uint32_t dataLength8);
void Upstream_MSC_RegisterDisconnect(void);
#endif /* INC_UPSTREAM_MSC_H_ */