Fork Sand fork of the Globotron USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall.
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PCB Part Number: usb-firewall
Layers: 2
Board Thickness: 0.062 inches (1.6 mm in KiCAD)
Minimum Trace or Space: 0.006 inches (0.2 mm in KiCAD)
Surface Finish: ENIG (RoHS)
ITAR Controlled: No
Need Extra Boards?: Yes
Revision: 1
Board Dimensions (inches): 2.75 x 1 (70 x 20 mm)
Minimum Hole Sizes: 0.008
Number of Holes per Board: 137 (grep ^X USG.drl | wc -l)
Assembly on: Two sides
Turn Time:
Advanced Options
PCB has Via-in-pad features?: No
Solder Mask Color: Green/Blue/Black
PCB has any Controlled Impedance features?: No
Allow RoHS Marking: Yes
Allow Vendor Markings: Yes
Copper Weights: 1 oz. copper on outer layers