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#ifndef QMK_KBD_LIST_H
#define QMK_KBD_LIST_H
#include <QWidget>
#include <QFileInfoList>
namespace Ui {
class qmk_kbd_list;
class qmk_kbd_list : public QWidget
explicit qmk_kbd_list(QWidget *parent = 0);
void setInfo(QFileInfoList revisions, QFileInfoList keymaps);
QFileInfo getRev();
QFileInfo getKeymap();
void kbdSelected(int rev, int keymap);
private slots:
void on_ok_clicked();
void on_cancel_clicked();
Ui::qmk_kbd_list *ui;
QFileInfoList m_revisions;
QFileInfoList m_keymaps;
//bool m_isShowing;
int m_currentRev;
int m_currentKeymap;
void closeEvent ( QCloseEvent * e );
#endif // QMK_KBD_LIST_H