Free Software, Open Source Hardware keyboard controller.
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#ifndef FT232_REIGN_H
#define FT232_REIGN_H
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <qtimer.h>
#include <QtSerialPort/qserialport.h>
#include <QtSerialPort/qserialportinfo.h>
namespace Ui {
class ft232_reign;
class ft232_reign : public QMainWindow
explicit ft232_reign(QWidget *parent = 0);
public slots:
void tmr_fxn();
private slots:
void toLog(QString info);
QString char_to_str(char *data, int len);
void on_clr_log_clicked();
void on_pushButton_clicked();
void on_pushButton_2_clicked();
void on_connect_clicked();
void on_i2c_length_valueChanged(int arg1);
void on_i2c_write_data_textChanged(const QString &arg1);
void on_i2c_write_clicked();
void on_i2c_read_clicked();
void on_read_i2c_hid_desc_clicked();
void on_read_hid_report_desc_clicked();
void on_read_input_report_int_clicked();
void on_read_input_report_cmd_clicked();
void on_reflesh_com_clicked();
void on_com_list_currentIndexChanged(int index);
void on_com_connect_clicked();
void on_com_int_line_currentIndexChanged(int index);
void on_write_output_report_reg_clicked();
void on_NUM_toggled(bool checked);
void on_CAPS_clicked();
void on_SCROOL_clicked();
void on_cmd_reset_clicked();
void on_write_output_report_cmd_clicked();
void on_read_input_report_reg_clicked();
Ui::ft232_reign *ui;
QList<QSerialPortInfo> com_list;
QSerialPort com;
int int_mask;
QString log;
int res;
unsigned char data[1001];
unsigned char i2c_hid_descr[30];
QTimer *tmr;
#endif // FT232_REIGN_H