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  Marius Sturm 8f197ebb50 Fix default Filebeat config for Windows hosts (#6581) 19 hours ago
  Kyle Knight b75eee34c4 Cyclical component reference (#6570) 3 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] ffbf21a1c1 Bump chroma-js from 2.0.3 to 2.0.6 in /graylog2-web-interface (#6559) 3 days ago
  Konrad Merz 0fa553d2ad Fix the bookmark button to clear current view (#6574) 4 days ago
  Kyle Knight d9dea52f28 Updating Button reference issue (#6569) 4 days ago
  Konrad Merz 83d15cfa53 Update yarn.lock after sidebar-merge (#6563) 4 days ago
  Linus Pahl d61e11e6b7 Update plugin archetype yarn version syntax from yarn.version to yarnVersion (#6564) 4 days ago
  Konrad Merz d7b40c7cce Redesign sidebar for dashboard and search (#6467) 5 days ago
  contextshuffling 278f49933f change assertion from containsExactly to contains to make tests more stable (#6562) 5 days ago
  Kyle Knight 77d26352ed
Merge pull request #6558 from Graylog2/adding-styled-components-flow-types 5 days ago
  Kyle Knight 288ef05d92 Migrating App.jsx to functional component (#6534) 5 days ago
  Kyle Knight 290dd900e8 Adding Webpack stats analyzer (#6550) 5 days ago
  Dennis Oelkers fb6675188b
Adding flow types for `styled-components`. 5 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 4929037db3 Bump jest from 24.8.0 to 24.9.0 in /graylog2-web-interface (#6483) 6 days ago
  Dennis Oelkers 052b5f446b Do not render empty string for `0` value in number visualization. (#6555) 6 days ago
  Konrad Merz 41a5e6df87 Fix saving searches (#6551) 6 days ago
  Kyle Knight 6ad2f72107 Themed SplitButton (#6442) 1 week ago
  Dennis Oelkers 0a780fa04b Refactoring to unify handling of field/value action handlers/conditions. (#6535) 1 week ago
  Edmundo Alvarez e8ee0fb1b0 Hide Event Streams from Pipelines (#6513) 1 week ago
  Edmundo Alvarez a56f3a1921 Notification test button improvements (#6522) 1 week ago
  Marco Pfatschbacher fe24e0e303 Relax the journal metrics constraint for the processing status (#6469) 1 week ago
  Kyle Knight 61cd1c1907 Themed DropdownButton (#6441) 1 week ago
  Dennis Oelkers ecdd040734 Use separate routes for show views/show dashboards. (#6525) 1 week ago
  Kyle Knight a96d33831e Fixing issue with Sidecar Configuration (#6521) 1 week ago
  Marco Pfatschbacher f4cda3fff6 Add journaling_enabled field to processing status (#6472) 1 week ago
  Bernd Ahlers b69af6650a Update to netty 4.1.42 (#6500) 1 week ago
  Dennis Oelkers 29944db10f Render `null` for message field if its value is `undefined`. (#6512) 1 week ago
  Kyle Knight 8e57ef3d60
Merge pull request #6509 from Graylog2/styled_theming_more 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight a48656b46c updating snapshots 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight 1fb85ac448 Update Active State 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight dfb60ec209 Use current colors and add active state 2 weeks ago
  Konrad Merz aba93b4cee Pass dataAdapterId to DocumentationComponent of DataAdapter (#6506) 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight 3783d99c1c Themed Buttons (#6440) 2 weeks ago
  Marco Pfatschbacher 7bbb761711 Remove Event indices from global search default (#6413) 2 weeks ago
  Jan Doberstein 96a748328e Add missing replica set URI string to graylog.conf example (#6498) 2 weeks ago
  Marco Pfatschbacher 6d07c88799 Add custom EventDto DateTime deserializer (#6468) 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers c8f7bb0f07 Passing `FEATURES` flag to production build too. (#6487) 2 weeks ago
  Konrad Merz b5de9d72e6 Add a test for pipeline rule parse date function (#6419) 3 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight dcc8a3f190
Merge pull request #6421 from Graylog2/updating-react-to-16.9.0 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 257540c191
Merge branch 'master' into updating-react-to-16.9.0 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 2dfaec84eb Adding Github Action for automatic rebase (#6476) 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 477bf9355d Do not create compound types if types differ by properties. (#6462) 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 777d71518d Prevent cutting off field names in auto completion. (#6461) 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 5adefaf3d0 Include query, time range & streams selection when editing widget on dashboard (#6447) 3 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight 3d4908ec6c Fix webpack-resolver for jest-watch (#6459) 3 weeks ago
  Kyle Knight 5dec066715 Fix height of Select component (#6455) 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 35623ce940 Adding per-widget stream selection override. (#6446) 4 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers 17528ba786 Adding per-widget/search type query & time range overrides. (#6445) 4 weeks ago
  Marco Pfatschbacher d22244d1ec Set the loglevel for org.graylog2 AND org.graylog (#6423) 4 weeks ago
  Dennis Oelkers f235c43fb2 Applying filters to all dashboard tabs using dashboard search bar. (#6424) 4 weeks ago