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Integration Tests

The integration tests need explicit activation by setting the skip.integration.tests tunable to false.

All tests require a running Graylog server to run against, which is not bootstrapped by Maven but supposedly by the environment the integration tests are running on. Therefore, the tests have a number of tunables with (hopefully) reasonable defaults. These are:

Property Default Description
skip.integration.tests true Enables the integration tests. (Disabled per default)
gl.port 12900 TCP port of the Graylog server.
gl.baseuri http://localhost:12900 Uri base of the Graylog server. Port is overriden by gl.port if specified.
gl.admin_user admin Username used for authenticating against server for authenticated requests.
gl.admin_password admin Password used for authenticating against server for authenticated requests. localhost Hostname of MongoDB server used for seeding tests that require a preseeded database.
mongodb.port 27017 TCP port of MongoDB server.
mongodb.database graylog_test Default database name for MongoDB. Tests are able to override this. localhost Hostname used for connecting to Elasticsearch cluster during preseeding. graylog_test Elasticsearch cluster name used during connecting.
es.port 9300 Elasticsearch port used during connecting.

All tunables are passed as Java system properties (i.e. by adding -Dmongodb.database=integration to the Maven command to define a different default MongoDB database).