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  Tobias Kaminsky 9f07430c5a
Merge pull request #56 from nextcloud/userId 1 week ago
  David Luhmer 61f12ae0f0
Merge pull request #61 from Unpublished/master 1 week ago
  Unpublished 91195185f2 Bump some deps 1 week ago
  Nextcloud bot 4fd36fcabf
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 week ago
  David Luhmer fafdadbc66
Merge pull request #57 from Unpublished/completables 2 weeks ago
  David Luhmer e96e0a898b
Merge pull request #58 from Unpublished/rxandroid 2 weeks ago
  David Luhmer e21931a23a
Merge pull request #59 from Unpublished/reliableEnqueueTest 2 weeks ago
  Unpublished 6f828e8a73 Use more reliable way to test enqueue and check thread 2 weeks ago
  Unpublished 2540a566a7 Add support for Completables 2 weeks ago
  Unpublished ee32288d75 Remove rxandroid 2 weeks ago
  David Luhmer 2ffb234120 improve error message 3 weeks ago
  Nextcloud bot d36d3302bb
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot 44ae68e1c8
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  tobiasKaminsky cf6c448851
add backward compatibility 1 month ago
  David Luhmer f20cf26b3d
Merge pull request #55 from nextcloud/removeIml 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot 5702111529
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  tobiasKaminsky 53e4264647
rename username to userId 1 month ago
  tobiasKaminsky 3320e79b0f
Remove iml file 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 04010db425
Merge pull request #54 from Unpublished/mockito 1 month ago
  Unpublished 5ef4eaf730 Bump mockito to 2.27.0 and fix up merge conflict 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot d83ce49d0d
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 6c6f8f6f9d
Merge pull request #52 from nextcloud/unit-testing 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 72fb395648 Merge branch 'master' into unit-testing 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 42e8ac5f82 update dependencies 1 month ago
  David Luhmer cfa2aa2f65 use androidx alertdialog instead of default one 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot 4ea9ab33e0
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 3c903b2b45 add support for starting the account selector from activities (and not only from fragments) 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot dfebc0f8c7
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 3fa28ebd16 allow tests to provide a custom SharedPreference file 1 month ago
  David Luhmer aaaf939603
Merge pull request #53 from Unpublished/master 1 month ago
  Unpublished aab1c303a8 lint: ignore translations 1 month ago
  Unpublished 68bcb4147a replace checkEqual with ObjectsCompat.equals 2 months ago
  Unpublished 272ac6e82a migrate from legacy AndroidX 4 months ago
  Unpublished 184329c298 migrate to java 8 6 months ago
  Unpublished 57a9525564 update AGP 3.3.2, android-maven-gradle-plugin 2.1, gradle 4.10.3 7 months ago
  David Luhmer 6ea3223e61
Merge pull request #51 from Unpublished/okhttp3.12.2 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 53355e83c2 use thread to connect to api / cleanup 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 641ff94ebc implement InterceptorPattern for NetworkRequest 1 month ago
  Unpublished 3fe60d0005 Bump okhttp to 3.12.2 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 184eef9a86 pass on error code when request failed 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 6997f7f56e downgrade okhttp 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 1ba58e2519
downgrade okhttp (due to tls support on Android 4) 1 month ago
  David Luhmer e781a33e01 update mockito and okhttp 1 month ago
  David Luhmer c59d2ecb99 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nextcloud/Android-SingleSignOn 1 month ago
  David Luhmer 551768a29f fix enqueue command being executed synchronous 1 month ago
  Nextcloud bot 18284481dd
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 month ago
  David Luhmer d07456fa3c
Merge pull request #50 from nextcloud/changeListener 2 months ago
  tobiasKaminsky c8fbd7730e
add change listener 2 months ago
  Nextcloud bot 4e8197d033
[tx-robot] updated from transifex 2 months ago
  David Luhmer 065b4e2e29 add method to reauthenticate account 2 months ago