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Morris Jobke 7e91c641e9
Add files_external_onedrive.crt
17 hours ago
activitylog Add activity log certificate 2 years ago
admin_notifications Add certificate for admin_notifications 2 years ago
afterlogic Add afterlogic.crt 9 months ago
announcementcenter Add cert 2 years ago
appdatacleaner Add appdatacleaner.crt 1 year ago
apporder Create apporder.crt 2 years ago
appsautoupdater Add appsautoupdater.crt 5 months ago
appvncsafe Add appvncsafe.crt 2 years ago
audioplayer Create audioplayer.crt 2 years ago
audioplayer_editor Add audioplayer_editor.crt 1 week ago
audioplayer_sonos Add audioplayer_sonos.crt 1 week ago
auto_mail_accounts Add auto_mail_accounts.crt 1 year ago
beame_insta_ssl Add beame_insta_ssl.crt 1 year ago
blockscores Add blockscores.crt 1 year ago
bookmarks Remove unnecessary subfolder 2 years ago
bookmarks_fulltextsearch Add bookmarks_fulltextsearch.crt 1 year ago
browser_warning Add browser_warning.crt 5 months ago
bruteforcesettings Add certificate files 2 years ago
calendar Create calendar.crt 2 years ago
calibre_opds Add cert for calibre_opds 11 months ago
camerarawpreviews Add camerarawpreviews.crt 1 year ago
caniupdate Add crt 1 year ago
carnet Add carnet.crt 9 months ago
checksum Add checksum.crt 2 years ago
chess Add chess.crt 2 years ago
circles Add circles certificate 2 years ago
cloudmessages Add cloudmessages crt 1 year ago
cms_pico Add cms_pico.crt 1 year ago
contacts Create contacts.crt 2 years ago
cookbook Update cookbook.crt 1 month ago
cospend Add cospend.crt 5 months ago
dashboard Add dashboard certificate 2 years ago
dashboardcharts Add dashboardcharts.crt 1 month ago
data_request Add data_request.crt 1 year ago
deck Add deck certificate 2 years ago
defaultgroup Add default group certificate 2 years ago
defaultlinkopen Add defaultlinkopen.crt 1 year ago
dicomviewer Added dicomviewer 1 year ago
diffuse Add diffuse.crt 1 year ago
direct_menu Add certificate 2 years ago
discoursesso Add discoursesso.crt 1 year ago
documents Add documents certificate and csr 2 years ago
drawio Add drawio certificate 2 years ago
drop_account Add drop_account certificate 1 year ago
dropit Add dropit.crt 1 year ago
end_to_end_encryption add certificate for end-to-end encryption app 1 year ago
enough Add enough.crt 1 year ago
event_update_notification Add cert for event update notification 10 months ago
external Add External Certificate 2 years ago
extract Add extract.crt 3 months ago
facerecognition Add facerecognition.crt 1 year ago
fajotime_libreofficeviewer Add fajotime_libreofficeviewer.crt 1 week ago
fbsync Create fbsync.crt 2 years ago
files_3d Add files_3d.crt 6 months ago
files_accesscontrol Add certificate files 2 years ago
files_antivirus Add files_antivirus.crt 1 year ago
files_automatedtagging Add certificate files 2 years ago
files_clipboard Add files_clipboard.crt 1 year ago
files_downloadactivity Create files_downloadactivity.crt 2 years ago
files_ebookreader Add files_ebookreader.crt 1 month ago
files_external_dropbox Add files_external_dropbox.crt 5 months ago
files_external_gdrive Add files_external_gdrive.crt 1 year ago
files_external_onedrive Add files_external_onedrive.crt 17 hours ago
files_external_onmydisk Add files_external_onmydisk.crt 7 months ago
files_external_sia Add files_external_sia.crt 2 years ago
files_frommail Update files_frommail.crt 1 year ago
files_fullnextsearch Add files_fullnextsearch.crt 1 year ago
files_fulltextsearch Add certs 1 year ago
files_fulltextsearch_mail Add files_fulltextsearch_mail 8 months ago
files_fulltextsearch_tesseract Add files_fulltextsearch_tesseract.crt 1 year ago
files_inotify Add files_inotify certificate 2 years ago
files_linkeditor Add cert for files_linkeditor 1 year ago
files_markdown Create files_markdown.crt 2 years ago
files_mindmap Add files_mindmap.crt and rename to correct folder name 9 months ago
files_notify_redis Add files_notify_redis.crt 1 week ago
files_opds Add cert 2 years ago
files_pdfviewer Add files_pdfviewer.crt 1 year ago
files_photospheres Add files_photospheres.crt 4 months ago
files_reader Add certificate 2 years ago
files_readmemd Create files_readmemd.crt 6 months ago
files_retention Add certificate files 2 years ago
files_rightclick Update files_rightclick.crt 1 year ago
files_snapshots Add files_snapshots certificate 2 years ago
files_trackdownloads Add files_trackdownloads.crt 1 year ago
files_upload_mtime Add files_upload_mtime.crt 1 year ago
flowupload Add flowupload.crt 1 year ago
folderplayer Add folderplayer.crt 1 year ago
forms Add forms.crt 2 months ago
fullnextsearch Add fullnextsearch.crt 1 year ago
fullnextsearch_elasticsearch Add fullnextsearch_elasticsearch.crt 1 year ago
fulltextsearch Add certs 1 year ago
fulltextsearch_elasticsearch Add certs 1 year ago
githubmergetracker Create githubmergetracker.crt 2 years ago
globalsiteselector Add globalsiteselector certificate 9 months ago
gluusso Add gluusso certificate 2 years ago
gpgmailer Add gpgmailer.crt 4 months ago
gpxedit Create gpxedit.crt 2 years ago
gpxmotion Add gpxmotion certificate 2 years ago
gpxpod Create gpxpod.crt 2 years ago
grauphel Add grauphel 1 year ago
gravatar Create gravatar.crt 6 months ago
group_everyone Add cert for group_everyone 11 months ago
groupfolders Add groupfolders certificate 2 years ago
groupquota Add groupquota.crt 4 months ago
guests guests certificate 2 months ago
hernosapp Renamed CSR and added hernosapp.crt 9 months ago
hsts Add hsts.crt 5 months ago
impersonate Add impersonate 2 years ago
initialcheck Add initialcheck.crt 1 year ago
issuetemplate Add issue template cert 2 years ago
jsloader Add jsloader cert 11 months ago
keeporsweep Add keeporsweep.crt 1 year ago
keeweb Add keeweb cert and csr 2 years ago
ldap_write_support ldap_write_support cert 3 weeks ago
ldapcontacts Add ldapcontacts.crt 1 year ago
ldaporg Add ldaporg.crt 1 year ago
limit_login_to_ip Add limit_login_to_ip 1 year ago
linkshareex New cert for linkshareex 9 months ago
logreader Add certificate 2 years ago
lsd Remove copy paste error 1 year ago
mail Create mail.crt 2 years ago
maps Add maps.crt 2 months ago
metadata Add metadata.crt 1 year ago
mindmaps Add mindmaps.crt 1 year ago
money Add money.crt 2 years ago
mood Add mood.crt 2 years ago
moodle Add moodle.crt 10 months ago
music Add music certificate 2 years ago
myscan Add myscan.crt 1 year ago
news Create news.crt 2 years ago
nextant Add certificate 2 years ago
nextcloud_announcements Create nextcloud_announcements.crt 2 years ago
nextdrop Add nextdrop cert 1 year ago
nextnotes Create nextnotes.crt 2 years ago
notes Create notes.crt 2 years ago
occweb Add occweb.crt 5 months ago
ocdownloader Add ocdownloader.crt 1 year ago
ocr Create ocr.crt 2 years ago
ocsms Create ocsms.crt 2 years ago
ojsxc Add ojsxc certificate 2 years ago
onlyoffice Add onlyoffice.crt 2 years ago
orcid Add orcid certificate 2 years ago
overallquota Add overallquota.crt 5 months ago
ownbackup Create ownbackup.crt 2 years ago
ownpad Add certificate 2 years ago
owntracks Add owntracks.crt 1 year ago
passman Update passman.crt 5 months ago
passwords Add passwords.crt 1 year ago
patrols Add patrols.crt 1 year ago
phonetrack Add phonetrack.crt 1 year ago
photomap Add photomap.crt 1 year ago
photosphereviewer Add photosphereviewer.crt 4 months ago
piwik Create piwik.crt 2 years ago
polls Update polls.crt 6 months ago
preferred_providers Move wrongly located cert 10 months ago
previewgenerator Create previewgenerator.crt 2 years ago
printer Add printer.crt 2 weeks ago
privatedata Certificiate for privatedata 11 months ago
qownnotesapi Create qownnotesapi.crt 2 years ago
quickaccesssorting Add quickaccesssorting.crt 3 months ago
quicknotes Add updated quicknotes cert 1 year ago
quota_warning Add quote_warning certificate 2 years ago
radio Add radio.crt 1 year ago
rainloop Add new rainloop certificate 2 years ago
ransomware_detection Add ransomware_detection.crt 1 year ago
ransomware_protection Add ransomare_protection 1 year ago
recommendation_assistant Add recommendation_assistant.crt 1 year ago
registration Add registration cert 2 years ago
richdocuments Create richdocuments.crt 2 years ago
scanner Add scanner.crt 9 months ago
secondarymail Add secondarymail.crt 3 months ago
secsignid Add secsignid.crt 4 months ago
sensorlogger Add sensorlogger certificate 2 years ago
sentry add sentry.crt 1 year ago
sharelisting sharelisting certificate 9 months ago
sharepoint Add External Certificate 2 years ago
sharerenamer Add sharerenamer.crt 10 months ago
smb_test Add smb_test.crt 1 year ago
social Add social.crt 9 months ago
sociallogin Add sociallogin.crt 1 year ago
socialsharing_diaspora Add new certificates 2 years ago
socialsharing_email Add new certificates 2 years ago
socialsharing_facebook Add new certificates 2 years ago
socialsharing_googleplus Add new certificates 2 years ago
socialsharing_twitter Add new certificates 2 years ago
spgverein Add missed copypasted line 2 years ago
spreed Add spreed.crt 5 months ago
spreedme Create spreedme.crt 2 years ago
suspicious_login Add suspicious_login.crt 3 months ago
talk_simple_poll Added crt 3 weeks ago
tasks Create tasks.crt 2 years ago
telephoneprovider Add telephoneprovider.crt 2 years ago
terms_of_service Terms of Service certificate 11 months ago
testapp Create testapp.crt 2 years ago
text text certificate 2 weeks ago
theming Add theming.crt 1 year ago
theming_customcss Add theming_customcss.crt 1 year ago
timetracker Add timetracker.crt 3 months ago
twainwebscan Add twainwebscan.crt 5 months ago
twofactor_admin twofactor-admin cert 10 months ago
twofactor_email twofactor_email cert 11 months ago
twofactor_gateway Update cert 11 months ago
twofactor_nextcloud_notification Add cert 9 months ago
twofactor_rcdevsopenotp Add twofactor_rcdevsopenotp.crt 1 year ago
twofactor_totp Create twofactor_totp.crt 2 years ago
twofactor_u2f Create twofactor_u2f.crt 2 years ago
twofactor_webauthn Add twofactor_webauthn.crt 1 month ago
twofactor_yubikey Add twofactor_yubikey.crt 1 year ago
unsplash Add unsplash.crt 1 year ago
user_backend_sql_raw Add user_backend_sql_raw.crt 1 year ago
user_cas Add user_cas.crt 1 year ago
user_external Add user_external.crt 6 months ago
user_ispconfig Add user_ispconfig.crt 8 months ago
user_pwauth Add certificate for user_pwauth 2 years ago
user_saml Add certificate files 2 years ago
user_sql Add new user_sql cert 1 year ago
user_usage_report Add user_usage_report.crt 1 year ago
video_converter Fix csr format and add video_converter.crt 2 months ago
viewer Add viewer.crt 4 months ago
w2g2 Add cert for w2g2 1 year ago
weather Add weather certificate 2 years ago
workflow_pdf_converter Add workflow_pdf_converter.crt 8 months ago
workflow_script Add workflow_script.crt 8 months ago
workin2gether Add workin2gether.crt 2 years ago
xray Add xray cert 1 year ago
zenodo Add zenodo certificate 2 years ago
zimbradrive Add zimbradrive certificate 2 years ago Update 1 year ago

How-to request an app certificate

To request a certificate you need to submit a Pull Request, this can be done completely via the GitHub web interface:

  1. Click “Create new file”
  2. Name the file “APP_ID/APP_ID.csr” where APP_ID is your app’s id
  3. Paste the contents of your CSR file into text area below
  4. Commit the file and open a new pull request
  5. Mention @MorrisJobke
  6. Nice to have: a link to the source code of the new app