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Roeland Jago Douma 5d48521f47
Merge pull request #169 from nextcloud/translations/stable17
2 dias atrás
acceptance-php7.1 Add Dockerfile for acceptance tests 1 ano atrás
android these libs are needed 1 mês atrás
client Also install translations 6 meses atrás
documentation Npm for docs 9 meses atrás
eslint Add Dockerfile for checking JavaScript using eslint. 2 anos atrás
ftp-php7.0 Update all subimages to latest of the parent image 2 anos atrás
integration-php7.0 Bump php7.0 base image of integration tests 1 ano atrás
integration-php7.1 Parallel composer integration 2 semanas atrás
jsunit Update Dockerfile 2 anos atrás
litmus-php7.0 Update all subimages to latest of the parent image 2 anos atrás
litmus-php7.1 Add litmus 7.1 docker 9 meses atrás
node Add basic dockerfile with node environment 8 meses atrás
openldap rejig dockerfile to work around ineffective memberof bug 6 meses atrás
php5.4 Cleanup docker images 2 anos atrás
php5.5 Cleanup docker images 2 anos atrás
php5.6 Use old debian 2 anos atrás
php7.0 Fix php7.0 docker 1 ano atrás
php7.0-memcached Update memcached docker image 1 ano atrás
php7.1 PHP 7.1 Docker new phpunit and new composer 1 ano atrás
php7.1-memcached PHP7.1 memcached container 9 meses atrás
php7.2 add php-systemd module 1 ano atrás
php7.3 Add php7.3 docker 11 meses atrás
samba-native-php7.0 Update all subimages to latest of the parent image 2 anos atrás
samba-native-php7.1 Add samba-native 9 meses atrás
samba-non-native-php7.0 Update all subimages to latest of the parent image 2 anos atrás
samba-non-native-php7.1 Add Samba non native 7.1 php docker 9 meses atrás
server server: split up init and run, so that inbetween new user can be added 1 mês atrás
stylelint Add Dockerfile for checking CSS using stylelint. 2 anos atrás
translations Stable17 translations 2 dias atrás
ui-regression Add Dockerfile for ui-regression tests 1 ano atrás
user_saml_shibboleth Fix order 2 anos atrás
user_saml_shibboleth-php7 load php7 modules 1 ano atrás
user_saml_shibboleth-php7.2 wait for ldap a bit before starting jetty 5 meses atrás
webdav-apache-php7.0 Added webdav apache test docker 2 anos atrás
webdav-apache-php7.1 Add 7.1 webdav apache 9 meses atrás
README.md add newline 2 anos atrás


CI images for Nextcloud

:package: Containers used for Continous Integration jobs (automated testing)

The images are automatic builds on Docker Hub. You can find them at https://hub.docker.com/u/nextcloudci/. The build is only triggered if a git tag is set.

Git tags

To trigger a build of a specific container the tag needs to be named like the folder followed by a dash and a version number. This means translations-1 will only trigger a build of the translation container and will then build the container nextcloudci/translations:translations-1.

Other example:

  • git tag php7.1-5 will only build nextcloudci/php7.1:php7.1-5