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Nextcloud Talk

Video- & audio-conferencing app for Nextcloud

Why is this so awesome?

  • 💬 Chat integration! Nextcloud Talk comes with some simple text chat since Nextcloud 13. More features are planned for future versions.
  • 👥 Private, group, public and password protected calls! Just invite somebody, a whole group or send a public link to invite to a call.
  • 💻 Screen sharing! Share your screen with participants of your call. You just need to use Firefox version 52 (or newer) or Chrome with this Chrome extension.
  • 🚀 Integration with other Nextcloud apps! Currently Contacts and users – more to come.
  • 🙈 We’re not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great simpleWebRTC library.

And in the works for the coming versions:

If you have suggestions or problems, please open an issue or contribute directly :)

Supported Browsers

Firefox Chrome/Chromium Edge Safari Opera
✔️ 52 or later ✔️ 49 or later Planned Planned ❌ Not planned yet

Installing for Production

Nextcloud Talk is really easy to install. You just need to enable the app from the Nextcloud App Store and everything will work out of the box.

There are some scenarios (users behind strict firewalls / symmetric NATs) where a TURN server is needed. That’s a bit more tricky installation, but the guys from Nextcloud VM have developed a script which takes care of everything for you. You can find the script here. The script is tested on Ubuntu Server 18.04, but should work on 16.04 as well. Please keep in mind that it’s developed for the VM specifically and any issues should be reported in that repo, not here.

Here’s a short video on how it’s done.

Development setup

  1. Simply clone this repository into the apps folder of your Nextcloud development instance.
  2. Run make dev-setup
  3. Then activate it through the apps management. :tada:

We are also available on Freenode IRC #nextcloud-talk, if you want to join the discussion.

Milestones and Branches


In the Talk app we have one branch per Nextcloud server version. stable* branches of the app should always work with the same branch of the Nextcloud server. This is only off close to releases of the server, to allow easier finishing of features, so we don’t have to backport them.


  • 5.0.0 - Numeric milestones are settled and waiting for their release or some final polishing
  • 💙 Next Minor (15) - The next minor milestone is for issues/PR that go into the next Dot-Release for the given Nextcloud version (in the example 15 - e.g. 5.0.1)
  • 💚 Next Major - The next major milestone is for issues/PR that go into the next feature release for the new Major Nextcloud version (as there are Minors for 15, this would be 16)
  • 💛 Following Major - The following major milestone is for issues/PR that should be worked towards/on but didn’t make it into the next major due to timing constraints
  • 💔 Backlog - The backlog milestone is assigned to all remaining issues

You can always pick a task of any of the milestones and we will help you to get it into the assigned milestone or also an earlier one if time permits. It’s just a matter of having an overview and better visibility what we think should be worked on, but it’s not exclusive.

Disabling internal camera/audio for testing

  • Disable camera until reboot: sudo modprobe -r uvcvideo
  • Re-enable camera: sudo modprobe uvcvideo

Contribution Guidelines

For more information please see the guidelines for contributing to this repository.