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Nextcloud VM

Server installation. Simplified. :cloud:

Interactive Guidance

The Nextcloud VM(aka Nextcloud Virtual Machine or NcVM) — helps you create a personal or corporate Nextcloud Server faster and easier. Fundamentally, NcVM is a carefully crafted family of *nix scripts which interactively guide you through a quality-controlled installation to obtain an A+ security-rated Nextcloud instance.

Curated Extras

The Nextcloud app store extends core features by allowing you to enable a multitude of free one-click apps. However, integration apps there like Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE are solely bridges to Nextcloud. You’re still required to install those services separately, which can be complex. NcVM provides optional full installation of select curated apps, including those and others. Monitor and manage your cloud using any web browser with NcVM’s hand-picked collection of power utilities featuring stunning, modern UIs.

All Systems Go

NcVM can check for and install stable updates to keep things current, smooth, and secure.

Support the development

Full documentation

I want to test a Release Candidate (RC), or Beta!

No problem, brave explorer! We made it simple. Run but abort it before it starts so that you have the latest Then put this in your below the curl command ( but before the check for major versions and run it.

To test a specific RC version:


Or the latest Beta:

NCVERSION=$(curl -s -m 900 $NCREPO/ | sed --silent 's/.*href="nextcloud-\([^"]\+\).zip.asc".*/\1/p' | sort --version-sort | tail -1)

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