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End-user Odoo documentation

Building requirements:

* Python 2.7
* recent `Sphinx <>`_ (at least Sphinx 1.2)

you can check if Sphinx is installed by trying to launch

.. code-block:: console

$ sphinx-build --version

See `the sphinx documentation <>`_
for local installation instructions.
* `git <>`_
* clone this repository using git, then at the root of the repository,
in a console,

.. code-block:: console

$ make html

this should compile the documentation to HTML, and put the generated
HTML in ``_build/html/index.html``.


For simple edition (typo, just add paragraphs of text without markup),
the Github web interface can be used directly.

For more complex edition, to add images or advanced directives, edit
locally. **Do not commit if there are warnings or errors when building
the documentation** fix them first. rST is fairly sensitive to
whitespace and newlines (especially the lack of newlines). It's a bit
annoying but it's not hard to learn.

Issues can be reported on the repository's bug tracker as usual.

Custom features


Two custom directives are provided for integration with Odoo's demo

* ``demo:fields:: {external_id}`` lists all the fields with a
tooltip (``help``) of the action whose ``external_id`` is provided.

- Uses the ``form`` view by default, can be customized by specifying
- The list of fields displayed can be filtered with ``:only:`` which
should be a list of space-separated fields to display. Note that
this will further reduce the number of fields displayed, it will
not force fields to be listed when they don't have a ``help``.

.. code-block:: restructuredtext

.. demo:fields:: account_asset.action_account_asset_asset_list_normal_sale
:only: name

will display a table of just the ``name`` field and its ``help`` (or
nothing if the ``name`` field does not have a ``help``)

* ``demo:action:: {external_id}`` will create a link button to the
action (specified by external id) on the demo site. The text of the
button should be provided as the directive's content:

.. code-block:: restructuredtext

.. demo:action:: account_asset.action_account_asset_asset_list_normal_sale

View *Asset Types*

Theme Customisations

* The Odoo theme supports *Banner Images* at the top of
documents. These banners are configured by setting a ``:banner:``
field at the top of the document (before the page title), the banner
images will be looked up in the ``_static`` folder at the root of
the project

.. code-block:: restructuredtext

:banner: banners/accounting.png



.. warning::

because banners are wide images and each page may have one, it is
strongly recommended to compress them well. For PNG, use
`pngquant <>`_ (or a UI to it) to reduce the
number of colors in the image followed by regular PNG
recompression tools like `pngcrush
<>`_ and `pngout

Importing existing documents

For documents which already exist in an other format or in Google
docs, it's possible to get a head-start by converting the existing
document using `Pandoc <>`_. The main issue is that
anything but trivial original documents will need fixing up (possibly
lots of it) to get *good* rST (or possibly working rST at all).


pandoc -f docx -t rst path/to/document.docx -o new_doc.rst --extract-media=.

will convert ``path/to/document.docx`` to ``new_doc.rst`` and export
all images to ``./media`` (and link them from the document). While
there are issues with the exported document, it's much more convenient
than manually re-typing the original.