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End-user Odoo documentation

Build the documentation


- `Git <>`_

- | `Python 3 <>`_
| If you don't know which subversion to choose, pick the last one.
| Python dependencies are listed in the file ``requirements.txt`` located in the root

- Sphinx 2.4.0 or above.
- Werkzeug 0.14.1

- `Make <>`_


In a terminal, navigate to the root directory and execute the following command:

.. code-block:: console

$ make html

This compiles the documentation to HTML.

Open ``documentation-user/_build/html/index.html`` in your web browser to display the render.

See `this guide
for more detailed instructions.

Contribute to the documentation

For contributions to the content of the documentation, please refer to the `Introduction Guide

To **report a content issue**, **request new content** or **ask a question**, use the `repository's
issue tracker <>`_ as usual.