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Guillermo Amat 2f945e66c2 Readme updated explaining how to use the BSP layer 1 year ago
README Readme updated explaining how to use the BSP layer 1 year ago


This README file contains information on the contents of the
progress layer.

Please see the corresponding sections below for details.


This layer depends on:

URI: git://
branch: morty

URI: git://
layers: meta
branch: morty

URI: git://
layers: meta-openembedded
branch: morty

layers: meta-qt5
branch: morty

layers: mera-qt5-extra
branch: morty

URI: git://
layers: mera-browser
branch: master

In additon to these, it is reocmmended to add another layer which includes hardware configurations filese to build, as an example, a kernel for a Mac Mini G4.

layers: mera-qt5-extra
branch: meta-progress-bsp


Please submit any patches against the progress layer to the
xxxx mailing list ( and cc: the maintainer:

Maintainer: XXX YYYYYY <>

Table of Contents

I. Adding the progress layer to your build
II. Cook an image

I. Adding the progress layer to your build

This section explains how to add this layer to your Yocto environment. In addition to the Yocto base distributtion, to build an image the following additional layers are required:


Currently the recommended way to build an image is to set meta-progress layer to its morty branch. This means all required layers must be using morty branch too.

git clone git://
cd poky
git checkout morty

git clone git://
cd meta-openembedded
git checkout morty
cd ..

git clone
cd meta-qt5
git checkout morty
cd ..

git clone
cd meta-qt5-extra
git checkout morty
cd ..

git clone
cd meta-progress
git checkout morty
cd ..

git clone
cd meta-progress-bsp
git checkout morty
cd ..

git clone git://
# There is not morty branch
# cd meta-browser
# git checkout morty

Now we will create the buidl environment:

cd ..
source poky/oe-init-build-env

You will be entered in a directory called build. There are two important files in the conf folder; bblayers.conf and local.conf

Your bblayers.conf file should be like this:

# POKY_BBLAYERS_CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/bblayers.conf
# changes incompatibly


YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKY/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKY/meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia \
YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKYmeta-openembedded/meta-gnome \
YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKY/meta-openembedded/meta-networking \
YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKY/meta-openembedded/meta-python \
YOUR_ABSOLUTE_PATHT_TO_POKY/meta-progress-bsp \

II Cook an image

In the local.conf you should change the line containing

MACHINE ??= "quemux86"


MACHINE ??= "qemuppc"

or if you want to build an image for a real Mac Mini G4

MACHINE ??= "minig4"

The creation of a yocto image requires a lot of disk space. In our case it probably will consume more than 30GB so it is suggested to add this line at the end of your local.conf.

INHERIT += " rm_work"

On the contrary, if you ommit this directive future builds could take less time to finish.

It's time to build our image. Currently you can make use of two recipes. First one is core-image-progress-minimal whichs is a basic graphical environments. The second is core-image-progess and includes additional applications such as a music player and a web browser. As a first expereicen we recommend to create a minimal image as every single package will be compiled from scractch and that means a lot of time.

bitbake core-image-progress-minimal

The build could take some hours, so be patient. When finished, if you created a qemuppc image, you can launch qemu as follows

runqemu qemuppc