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add cloudinit dump and snippets documentation

Adds documentation for the cloudinit snippets support and how 'qm
cloudinit dump' can be used to get a base config file.

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setup for your specific environment.

Custom Cloud-Init Configuration

The Cloud-Init integration also allows custom config files to be used instead
of the automatically generated configs. This is done via the `cicustom`
option on the command line:

qm set 9000 --cicustom "user=<volume>,network=<volume>,meta=<volume>"

The custom config files have to be on a storage that supports snippets and have
to be available on all nodes the VM is going to be migrated to. Otherwise the
VM won't be able to start.
For example:

qm set 9000 --cicustom "user=local:snippets/userconfig.yaml"

There are three kinds of configs for Cloud-Init. The first one is the `user`
config as seen in the example above. The second is the `network` config and
the third the `meta` config. They can all be specified together or mixed
and matched however needed.
The automatically generated config will be used for any that don't have a
custom config file specified.

The generated config can be dumped to serve as a base for custom configs:

qm cloudinit dump 9000 user

The same command exists for `network` and `meta`.

Cloud-Init specific Options