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{pve} has all the[Hyper-converged Infrastructure]
capabilities needed to deploy and manage a complete open source hyper-converged

It integrates tightly compute, networking, and storage resources into
a single deployment unit and you can manage everything with the
centralized web management interface. {pve} unifies your compute
and storage systems, i.e. you can use the same physical nodes within a
cluster for both computing (processing VMs and Containers) as well as
for replicated storage.
{pve} is a virtualization platform that tightly integrates compute,
storage and networking resources, manages highly available clusters,
backup/restore as well as disaster recovery. All components are
software-defined and compatible with one another.

Therefore it is possible to administrate them like a single system via
the centralized web management interface. These capabilities make
{pve} an ideal choice to deploy and manage an open source[hyper-converged infrastructure].

Benefits of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) with {pve}

A hyper-converged infrastructure is especially useful for deployments
in which a high infrastructure demand meets a low administration
budget, for distributed setups such as remote and branch office
environments or for virtual private and public clouds.

HCI provides the following advantages:

- Scalability: seamless expansion of compute, network and storage
devices (i.e. scale up servers and storage quickly and independently
from each other).

- Low cost: {pve} is open source and integrates all components you
need such as compute, storage, networking, backup, and management
center. It can replace an expensive compute/storage infrastructure.

- Data protection and efficiency: services such as backup and disaster
recovery are integrated.

- Simplicity: easy configuration and centralized administration.

- Open Source: No vendor lock-in.