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  Thomas Lamprecht ea17ced93d style new TOC, sans font headings, less noise for links 2 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht da30f82a27 certs: followup: move hint a bit higher and small improvement 2 days ago
  Stoiko Ivanov 4d7de98e38 cert-management: mention symlinks in /etc/pve 3 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 237d09b998 html: slightly wider TOC for readability 4 days ago
  Tim Marx ab40d1a3c2 move html table of content to sidebar 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 237007ebeb zfs: fix trailing whitespace in command 1 week ago
  Fabian Ebner dc2d00a059 Fix typos 1 week ago
  Fabian Ebner eaefe61423 Use consistent style for all shell commands 1 week ago
  Fabian Ebner e06707f2d1 Add section 'Compression in ZFS' 1 week ago
  Dominic Jäger b03b8bb6c3 backup restore: Fix syntax for bwlimit example 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht afbe0fcce5 api-viewer: tree-tools: use modern callback and add tooltips 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht f081718e44 api-viewer: flex search field 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 78bcda1de1 api-viewer: trim trailing slashes and spaces from tree-path url 1 month ago
  Tim Marx ab918a4fc7 apiviewer: add search and collapse/expand tools 1 month ago
  Tim Marx 16e6779d4c apiviewer: add api endpoint deeplink ability 1 month ago
  Dominik Csapak 88a31964c3 add chapter about hibernation and vmstate storage selection 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht b77cddaade api-viewer: fine-tune RAW return type showing 1 month ago
  Tim Marx 8753d260ad apiviewer: format return values as grid with optionial toggle raw 1 month ago
  Tim Marx 87ec83f4b8 whitespace cleanup 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 8c0f75259d bump version to 6.1-3 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht e9833be45b HA: refine docs for migrate shutdown policy 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht de4f5f410f bump version to 6.1-2 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 40a27a5aa7 pvesr: be more specific about HA and priority redistribution 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 52e23c357d basic network reload documentation 1 month ago
  Oguz Bektas 74662f51a3 pveum: improve tfa section 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 6b035153fe bump version to 6.1-1 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 3dc611ff4e followup fixups for HA shutdown policy 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 5c1699e5ef update static schema/synopsis definitions 2 months ago
  Stefan Reiter eebb350680 Fix typo in passthrough docs and improve 'Host Configuration' section 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht a4a67cdb74 ha: add shutdown policy docs 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 97d63abc45 add pveum_configure_u2f reference 2 months ago
  Fabian Ebner 82f71eea81 Add description for mountpoint property 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 09b4d3c08d bump version to 6.0-9 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 1c5325464b update static schema/synopsis definitions 2 months ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 19556f5368 use PVE::DataCenterConfig to get schema 2 months ago
  Dominic Jäger bb0fdf615f Fix #2459: qm: Make info about core limit clear 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 51e544b624 followup: some clarifcations, small aditions 2 months ago
  Fabian Ebner 68029ec8c8 Add section for ZFS Special Device 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich c78cd2b6ee pveceph: fix spelling in section Trim/Discard 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich 55d634e651 Fix: pveceph: broken ref anchor pveceph_mgr_create 2 months ago
  Aaron Lauterer 0dcd22f5da qm: spice foldersharing: Add experimental warning 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht b16f8c5f15 ceph: add a bit to Scrub 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 835f322d94 ceph: add a bit to discard/trim 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht af6f59f49f ceph: add a bit to OSD replacement 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht c998bdf2b4 ceph: add further reference anchors 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich 2798d126f3 pveceph: add attribute ceph_codename 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich 081cb76105 Fix #1958: pveceph: add section Ceph maintenance 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich 8a38333f64 pveceph: correct CephFS subtitle 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich b3338e29cd pveceph: Reorganize TOC for new sections 2 months ago
  Alwin Antreich c1f38fe3af pveceph: switch note for Creating Ceph Manager 2 months ago