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  Thomas Lamprecht 51e544b624 followup: some clarifcations, small aditions 3 days ago
  Fabian Ebner 68029ec8c8 Add section for ZFS Special Device 4 days ago
  Alwin Antreich c78cd2b6ee pveceph: fix spelling in section Trim/Discard 4 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 55d634e651 Fix: pveceph: broken ref anchor pveceph_mgr_create 4 days ago
  Aaron Lauterer 0dcd22f5da qm: spice foldersharing: Add experimental warning 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht b16f8c5f15 ceph: add a bit to Scrub 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 835f322d94 ceph: add a bit to discard/trim 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht af6f59f49f ceph: add a bit to OSD replacement 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht c998bdf2b4 ceph: add further reference anchors 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 2798d126f3 pveceph: add attribute ceph_codename 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 081cb76105 Fix #1958: pveceph: add section Ceph maintenance 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 8a38333f64 pveceph: correct CephFS subtitle 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich b3338e29cd pveceph: Reorganize TOC for new sections 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich c1f38fe3af pveceph: switch note for Creating Ceph Manager 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 166c91fe1d pveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Pools 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 549350fe28 pveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Manager 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich 0e38a56456 pveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Monitor 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich be2d137e21 pveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph OSDs 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 69f44be252 qm: remove note about backups and IOThread 5 days ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 3dbe1daabf qm: add sub-headings to hard disk section 5 days ago
  Christian Ebner 9ea21953f6 qm: fix typo: /ghen/When/ 5 days ago
  Alwin Antreich d1fdb121e5 pveceph: old style commands to subcommands 1 week ago
  Stefan Reiter ab2bc36e65 Replace erroneous interpunct with space 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Lamprecht fe6cf7b66d bump version to 6.0-8 3 weeks ago
  Christian Ebner 42f2f50c73 gen vzdump: json_config_properties() moved from VZDump to VZDump::Common 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 7167e52f31 bump version to 6.0-7 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht c0e4fdbdd8 follouwp: test for instant view may not fail, else Make thins something real failed 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 8282f55f9f repos: change security repo link for future proofing and add note for bullseye 1 month ago
  Aaron Lauterer 37422176c4 display: add URL and short explanation of SPICE 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 05ec92a145 bump version to 6.0-5 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 19a58e023d qm: fixup: 4th order headings do not show up in PDF/manpage 1 month ago
  Aaron Lauterer 22a0091c05 add spice enhancements documentation 1 month ago
  Dominic Jäger 947ced2ba9 Replace stretch with buster in install guide 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 9c2d4f5308 switch opt-out NOVIEW to opt-in PVE_DOC_INSTANTVIEW 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 33e0c96504 repos: add some references 1 month ago
  Alexandre Derumier e13ba2ce9b vxlan: remove "no bgp default ipv6-unicast" 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier c21bc66fbc vxlan: add rp_filter sysctl for multiple gateway nodes 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier 3e25ae6172 vxlan: add external bgp router documentation 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier 2b7934c19a vxlan: add ipv6 missing config 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier c141a89797 vxlan-evpn: remove prefix-route deny 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht e2280bf75e pve-network: bridged setup: s/VMs/virtual guests/ 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier ae2687d36d vxlan: allowed routing to local vm on gateway nodes 2 months ago
  Dominik Csapak 1e9fbecac2 update supported browsers 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier fc8f7b5379 bgp-evpn : use ip-forward options on vnet interfaces 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 8adeb0eb17 vxlan: reword and add a bit 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 4d3f6a2ed9 vxlan: trailing whitespace cleanups 2 months ago
  Alexandre Derumier 846e9430dd bgp-evpn : add route reflectors documentation 2 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 6cab1704fc followup: extend cluster create/join a bit 2 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 24398259f8 Add screenshot references to cluster GUI section 2 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 106f38b3e2 Add cluster join screenshot 2 months ago