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  Thomas Lamprecht 3c5584e9bc ha sim: expand and update a bit 7 months ago
  Rhonda D'Vine b8633a34ab fix #2092: add HA Simulator documentation 7 months ago
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  Thomas Lamprecht 581f22404f ha: document ignored state 2 years ago
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  Dominik Csapak e60ce90c62 some small spelling/grammar fixes 3 years ago
  Dominik Csapak 3821ecaf16 small grammar and word fixes 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer d464267268 ha-manager.adoc: new section Management Tasks 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 863a8f3a78 remove gui-ha-manager-resources-view.png 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 1cd0166618 ha-manager.adoc: add missing service states 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer d02982f724 ha-manager.adoc: add empty line before/after verbatim paragraph 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer c402b37f86 ha-manager.adoc: use continuation inside list 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht c5bca1ae4c improve error recovery section 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 4c34defdf7 adapt leftover mentions of enable/disable to new meaning 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 26513daeb3 ha-manager.adoc: reorder sections 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a902314435 ha-manager.adoc: add new section Node Maintenance 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 52a751872b ha-manager.adoc: reorder sections 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 4d63b3cc0b ha-manager.adoc: add screenshots 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 480e67e158 ha-manager.adoc: improve section Recover Fenced Services 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a472fde8cd ha-manager.adoc: fix section hardware watchdog 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 61972f5533 ha-manager.adoc: improve fencing docs 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 0d42707747 ha-manager.adoc: cleanup fencing introduction 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 62bed78c1a ha-manager.adoc: remove unnecessary heading 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer c7470421d3 ha-manager.adoc: move section 'Service States' to 'How it Works' 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 1acab952e3 ha-manager.adoc: move group examples to group configuration section 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a319e18b02 ha-manager.adoc: add cli example 3 years ago
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  Dietmar Maurer 8bdc398c5a ha-manager.adoc: add example resource config. 3 years ago
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  Dietmar Maurer 698e5dd2c6 ha-manager.adoc: fix file format description 3 years ago
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  Dietmar Maurer 8536358840 ha-manager.adoc: improve configuration section 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 1600c60a4c ha-manager.adoc: improve description of pve-ha-crm daemon 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a69bfc83f6 remove attributes.txt (use asciidoc/asciidoc-pve.conf instead) 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 8b598c333e Add reference for onlineHelp for HA resource management 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 194d2f2961 generate default output file mappings automatically 3 years ago
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