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  Thomas Lamprecht 6cab1704fc followup: extend cluster create/join a bit 4 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 24398259f8 Add screenshot references to cluster GUI section 4 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 3e380ce0b8 Mention GUI for creating a cluster and adding nodes 4 months ago
  Fabian Ebner 6d3c0b3479 Fix typos in pvecm.adoc 4 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht dd1aa0e016 pvecm: re-add "multiple cluster in same net" section 6 months ago
  Stefan Reiter a9e7c3aa23 Update pvecm documentation for corosync 3 6 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 3254bfddb3 Use correct xref: syntax and add pvecm prefix 6 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 9121b45bcd followup: be more specific where to run upcatecerts 6 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 41925ede90 document #2247: add info about SSH fingerprints on cluster leave 6 months ago
  Stefan Reiter 270757a162 Update pvecm doc regarding IP vs hostname as corosync address 7 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht e34c3e913f pvecm: qdevice: more general wording 8 months ago
  Mira Limbeck 91f3edd0e1 pvecm: fix wrong quorum numbers 10 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 0082189452 pvecm: followup: rewrap lines to 80 cc 10 months ago
  Oguz Bektas 870c281711 pvecm: qdevice faq section improvements 10 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht d31de32896 pvecm qdevice: add some FAQ points 10 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 51730d564b followup: minor fixup and comment out "TODO" 10 months ago
  Oguz Bektas c21d2cbe57 initial documentation for qdevice 10 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 96d698dbdd fix #2112: remove typo in pvecm chapter 10 months ago
  Thomas Lamprecht e4b62d04b8 pvecm: note about PVE 4.X and 5.X cluster compatibility 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 9a7396aa65 followup #1850: pvecm: referencing all nodes in etc/hosts is not necessarry 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht c15cdfba0d pvecm: mark all console commands the same way 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 30101530ad #1850 followup: pvecm: you can use SSH or API to create cluster 1 year ago
  David Limbeck d4a9910fec fix #1850: small additions 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 11202f1dd7 pvecm: add some section references 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht bde0e57d53 pvecm: add chapter reference 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Bumiller 266cb17b87 minor fixup 2 years ago
  Alwin Antreich 82d524516d add link for convenience on adding nodes to separated cluster network 2 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 82445c4eec cluster: document multiple clusters in same network 2 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 44f38275ee fix a/an and repeated words 2 years ago
  Dominik Csapak 470d43137c fix typos and whitespace all around 2 years ago
  Wolfgang Bumiller 204231dffc pvecm: pve-manager service was renamed to pve-guests 2 years ago
  Wolfgang Link 7a0d4784b3 Update Dokumentation to Systemd Network Interface Names 2 years ago
  Dominik Csapak a181f0903d the test uncovers problems not covers them up 2 years ago
  Dominik Csapak da6c7dee9c add links to the specific migration chaptes in pvecm 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 6e78f92795 pvecm: improve 'RRP on existing clusters' wording 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 2ea5c4a5ea pvecm: explain need of storage separation on node separation better 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 9e73d83160 pvecm: concat code snippets with list paragraph 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper e8503c6cca Improve cluster note deletion operation 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht a9baa444f1 pvecm/migration: try using better english 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer b174347352 pvecm.adoc: minor cleanups 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer d63be10bc0 use backticks for parameter values 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 054a7e7d52 cleanup previous patch: improve grammer 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 082ea7d907 add migration settings documentation 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a69bfc83f6 remove attributes.txt (use asciidoc/asciidoc-pve.conf instead) 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 7d48940bf0 asciidoc-pve.in: detect and avoid xrefs spanning multiple lines 3 years ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 38ae8db3a1 pmxcfs: fix wrong information now covered in pvecm 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 194d2f2961 generate default output file mappings automatically 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer b2f242abe4 remove empty line between heading and attribute definition, fix man titles 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 404a158e1b fix pve-toplevel attribute for man pages 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 7e2fdb3dfd store manpage section inside .adoc file 3 years ago