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  Dominic Jäger b03b8bb6c3 backup restore: Fix syntax for bwlimit example 1 month ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 64caa40130 vzdump: use {pve} for Proxmox VE 4 months ago
  Fabian Ebner b26b1d126d Fix typos in vzdump.adoc 4 months ago
  David Limbeck a35aad4add fix typos/wording 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Link de14ebffd2 Add documentation for CIFS Storage Plugin. 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 3802f512b9 vzdump: fix few typos and polish 1 year ago
  Thomas Lamprecht 922569a5bc vzdump: add restore bwlimit docs 1 year ago
  Dietmar Maurer d25a50b935 vzdump.adoc: improve stop mode description 2 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 7d9754a6ef Explain why shut down VMs appear as running when backed up 2 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper d929c5a626 Update path to Backup.txt in new git repo 2 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 1db74ce0b9 Fix vzdump backup stop mode description 2 years ago
  Dominik Csapak 470d43137c fix typos and whitespace all around 2 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 1eeff3beb0 Fix vzdump information concerning backup and container mount points. 2 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer a69bfc83f6 remove attributes.txt (use asciidoc/asciidoc-pve.conf instead) 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 194d2f2961 generate default output file mappings automatically 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 80c0adcbc3 use/define more/better block IDs 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer b2f242abe4 remove empty line between heading and attribute definition, fix man titles 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 404a158e1b fix pve-toplevel attribute for man pages 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 7e2fdb3dfd store manpage section inside .adoc file 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 5f09af76d7 mark toplevel docs 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 49a5e11cd1 correct spelling of SYNOPSIS in man pages 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 5eba07434f spelling/grammar/capitalization 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 8c1189b640 formatting cleanup 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 94e50bf6cc revert live backup note, white space cleanups 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper c7678c11fd rewrite backup mode explaination for qemu 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 12b0494133 merge the good parts of the Backup wiki articke 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 77973c0ba2 doc: update stdexcludes 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 21c1275541 add note about skipped bind/dev mps 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler b74af7b618 add more to vzdump lxc snapshot section 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 8e4bb2611d sentence structure, wording 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 65647b0797 typos, spelling 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 956afd0a81 vzdump.adoc: add note that values can be specified on command line 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer d083d3d384 vzdump.adoc: auto-generate configuration options 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer fccf8df6c4 fix typo 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 01d37422cd vzdump.adoc: improve backup mode descriptions 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper c31f32a9c1 Replace VM occurences with 'guest' or 'container' when appropriate 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 0006064d98 vzdump.adoc: use continuations 3 years ago
  Emmanuel Kasper 6c60aebf11 Add subchapter about ACLs, and make even more clear what quotas are about 3 years ago
  Fabian Grünbichler 871e1fd656 Editorial changes 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Bumiller bf01f882bd vzdump: Same updates as in pve-manager 3 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 38fd095871 move include after document header 4 years ago
  Dietmar Maurer 82b4917a66 import vzdump docs 4 years ago