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  1. [[getting_help]]
  2. Getting Help
  3. ------------
  4. ifdef::wiki[]
  5. :pve-toplevel:
  6. endif::wiki[]
  7. Proxmox VE Wiki
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. The primary source of information is the {webwiki}. It combines the reference
  10. documentation with user contributed content.
  11. Community Support Forum
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. {pve} itself is fully open source, so we always encourage our users to
  14. discuss and share their knowledge using the {forum}. The forum is fully
  15. moderated by the Proxmox support team, and has a quite large user base
  16. around the whole world. Needless to say that such a large forum is a
  17. great place to get information.
  18. Mailing Lists
  19. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  20. This is a fast way to communicate via email with the Proxmox VE
  21. community
  22. * Mailing list for users:
  23.[PVE User
  24. List]
  25. The primary communication channel for developers is:
  26. * Mailing list for developer:
  28. development discussion]
  29. Commercial Support
  30. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  31. {proxmoxGmbh} also offers commercial
  32.[{pve} Subscription Service
  33. Plans]. System Administrators with a standard subscription plan can access a
  34. dedicated support portal with guaranteed response time, where {pve}
  35. developers help them should an issue appear.
  36. Please contact the[Proxmox sales
  37. team] for more information or volume discounts.
  38. Bug Tracker
  39. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  40. We also run a public bug tracker at
  41. If you ever detect an issue, you can
  42. file a bug report there. This makes it easy to track its status, and
  43. you will get notified as soon as the problem is fixed.