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  1. Disk Health Monitoring
  2. ----------------------
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  4. :pve-toplevel:
  5. endif::wiki[]
  6. Although a robust and redundant storage is recommended,
  7. it can be very helpful to monitor the health of your local disks.
  8. Starting with {pve} 4.3, the package smartmontools footnote:[smartmontools homepage]
  9. is installed and required. This is a set of tools to monitor and control
  10. the S.M.A.R.T. system for local hard disks.
  11. You can get the status of a disk by issuing the following command:
  12. ----
  13. # smartctl -a /dev/sdX
  14. ----
  15. where /dev/sdX is the path to one of your local disks.
  16. If the output says:
  17. ----
  18. SMART support is: Disabled
  19. ----
  20. you can enable it with the command:
  21. ----
  22. # smartctl -s on /dev/sdX
  23. ----
  24. For more information on how to use smartctl, please see `man smartctl`.
  25. By default, smartmontools daemon smartd is active and enabled, and scans
  26. the disks under /dev/sdX and /dev/hdX every 30 minutes for errors and warnings, and sends an
  27. e-mail to root if it detects a problem.
  28. For more information about how to configure smartd, please see `man smartd` and
  29. `man smartd.conf`.
  30. If you use your hard disks with a hardware raid controller, there are most likely tools
  31. to monitor the disks in the raid array and the array itself. For more information about this,
  32. please refer to the vendor of your raid controller.