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  1. System Software Updates
  2. -----------------------
  3. ifdef::wiki[]
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  5. endif::wiki[]
  6. We provide regular package updates on all repositories. You can
  7. install those update using the GUI, or you can directly run the CLI
  8. command `apt-get`:
  9. apt-get update
  10. apt-get dist-upgrade
  11. NOTE: The `apt` package management system is extremely flexible and
  12. provides countless of feature - see `man apt-get` or <<Hertzog13>> for
  13. additional information.
  14. You should do such updates at regular intervals, or when we release
  15. versions with security related fixes. Major system upgrades are
  16. announced at the {forum}. Those announcement also contain detailed
  17. upgrade instructions.
  18. TIP: We recommend to run regular upgrades, because it is important to
  19. get the latest security updates.