73403 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Maydell 02f9c885ed * fix for x86 KVM on older kernels (Yang Zhong) 2 days ago
  Yang Zhong 2605188240 target/i386: disable VMX features if nested=0 2 days ago
  Peter Maydell 1bdc319ab5 Update version for v4.2.0-rc4 release 5 days ago
  Peter Maydell 24d68f3737 * last HVF fix (Cameron) 5 days ago
  Cameron Esfahani 64bef038e7 hvf: correctly inject VMCS_INTR_T_HWINTR versus VMCS_INTR_T_SWINTR. 6 days ago
  Peter Maydell 39032981fa Error reporting patches for 2019-12-02 6 days ago
  Markus Armbruster cb09104ea8 block/file-posix: Fix laio_init() error handling crash bug 1 week ago
  Markus Armbruster 5a0948d36c net/virtio: Fix failover error handling crash bugs 1 week ago
  Markus Armbruster 4dbac1aed2 net/virtio: Drop useless n->primary_dev not null checks 1 week ago
  Alex Bennée fb2246882a .travis.yml: drop xcode9.4 from build matrix 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell b944295090 A fix for regression in the s390-ccw bios 1 week ago
  Thomas Huth bf876a688c pc-bios/s390: Update firmware image with the "fix sclp_get_loadparm_ascii" patch 1 week ago
  Claudio Imbrenda f24ec9fead pc-bios/s390-ccw: fix sclp_get_loadparm_ascii 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 1a61a081ac Update version for v4.2.0-rc3 release 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell be54302608 A few vm-test updates 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell e0d79c9435 * VMX feature fix (myself) 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 5f64adc138 target-arm queue: 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 0d4f9d7dc7 Block patches for 4.2.0-rc3: 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell a0aaca7e9c ppc patch queue for 2019-11-26 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 3c48f6daed vmstate-static-checker fix for 4.2 1 week ago
  Marc Zyngier 6a4ef4e5d1 target/arm: Honor HCR_EL2.TID3 trapping requirements 1 week ago
  Marc Zyngier 7cf95aed53 target/arm: Fix ISR_EL1 tracking when executing at EL2 1 week ago
  Edgar E. Iglesias f0138990ce hw/arm: versal: Add the CRP as unimplemented 1 week ago
  Jean-Hugues Deschênes f900b1e5b0 target/arm: Fix handling of cortex-m FTYPE flag in EXCRET 1 week ago
  Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy d8130f4c42 iotests: add new test cases to bitmap migration 1 week ago
  Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy a505475b95 block/qcow2-bitmap: fix bitmap migration 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 8e6a243a85 fix translation of statx structures 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 4ecc984210 RISC-V Patches for 4.2-rc3 1 week ago
  Alex Bennée b3b9a433b0 tests/vm/ubuntu: update i386 image to 18.04 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bennée b4eca581b9 tests/vm/ubuntu: include language pack to silence locale warnings 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bennée 6cd7b60848 tests/vm/centos: fix centos build target 2 weeks ago
  Cameron Esfahani e37aa8b0e4 hvf: more accurately match SDM when setting CR0 and PDPTE registers 2 weeks ago
  Cameron Esfahani 8c3b0e9e67 hvf: correctly handle REX prefix in relation to legacy prefixes 2 weeks ago
  Cameron Esfahani 9fedbbeeee hvf: remove TSC synchronization code because it isn't fully complete 2 weeks ago
  Cameron Esfahani fbafbb6db7 hvf: non-RAM, non-ROMD memory ranges are now correctly mapped in 2 weeks ago
  Paolo Bonzini c6f3215ffa target/i386: add two missing VMX features for Skylake and CascadeLake Server 1 week ago
  PanNengyuan 59d0533b85 ppc/spapr_events: fix potential NULL pointer dereference in rtas_event_log_dequeue 1 week ago
  Laurent Vivier 6cf80f90c4 mos6522: update counters when timer interrupts are off 1 week ago
  David Gibson b14848f5d7 spapr: Work around spurious warnings from vfio INTx initialization 2 months ago
  David Gibson e532e1d93c spapr: Handle irq backend changes with VFIO PCI devices 2 months ago
  David Gibson c5478fea27 vfio/pci: Respond to KVM irqchip change notifier 1 month ago
  David Gibson ad54dbd89d vfio/pci: Split vfio_intx_update() 1 month ago
  David Gibson 3607715a30 kvm: Introduce KVM irqchip change notifier 1 month ago
  Laurent Vivier 454590916c pseries: fix migration-test and pxe-test 2 weeks ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert e8d0ac5801 vmstate-static-checker: Fix for current python 2 weeks ago
  Zhuang, Siwei (Data61, Kensington NSW) 6478dd745d hw/riscv: Add optional symbol callback ptr to riscv_load_kernel() 2 weeks ago
  Palmer Dabbelt 9c0fb20c4b RISC-V: virt: This is a "sifive,test1" test finisher 1 month ago
  Peter Maydell a5f80c16f2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell 65e05c82bd virtio, pc: fixes 1 week ago
  Jens Freimann 4d0e59ace2 net/virtio: return error when device_opts arg is NULL 2 weeks ago