70152 Commits (master)

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  Peter Maydell 474f3938d7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/amarkovic/tags/mips-queue-jun-21-2019' into staging 4 days ago
  Peter Maydell 68d7ff0cff Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into staging 4 days ago
  Greg Kurz 8e8cbed09a hw: Nuke hw_compat_4_0_1 and pc_compat_4_0_1 1 week ago
  Lidong Chen 6512e34b0a util/main-loop: Fix incorrect assertion 5 days ago
  Lidong Chen 1c598ab2b8 sd: Fix out-of-bounds assertions 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 12604092e2 target/i386: kvm: Add nested migration blocker only when kernel lacks required capabilities 5 days ago
  Liran Alon fd13f23b8c target/i386: kvm: Add support for KVM_CAP_EXCEPTION_PAYLOAD 5 days ago
  Liran Alon ebbfef2f34 target/i386: kvm: Add support for save and restore nested state 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 6cfd763932 vmstate: Add support for kernel integer types 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 1d33bea4d0 linux-headers: sync with latest KVM headers from Linux 5.2 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 18ab37ba1c target/i386: kvm: Block migration for vCPUs exposed with nested virtualization 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 14f5d874bc target/mips: Fix emulation of ILVR.<B|H|W> on big endian host 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 8e74bceb00 target/mips: Fix emulation of ILVL.<B|H|W> on big endian host 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic b000169e4e target/mips: Fix emulation of ILVOD.<B|H|W> on big endian host 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 98880cb5a6 target/mips: Fix emulation of ILVEV.<B|H|W> on big endian host 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic f9fa196bd7 tests/tcg: target/mips: Amend tests for MSA pack instructions 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 8e6fe6b8ba tests/tcg: target/mips: Include isa/ase and group name in test output 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 1f8929d241 target/mips: Fix if-else-switch-case arms checkpatch errors in translate.c 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 235785e834 target/mips: Fix some space checkpatch errors in translate.c 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic d02d5fff0a MAINTAINERS: Consolidate MIPS disassembler-related items 5 days ago
  Aleksandar Markovic 93081f5131 MAINTAINERS: Update file items for MIPS Malta board 5 days ago
  Liran Alon bceeeef9e7 target/i386: kvm: Re-inject #DB to guest with updated DR6 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 37936ac70f target/i386: kvm: Use symbolic constant for #DB/#BP exception constants 5 days ago
  Liran Alon b1115c9991 KVM: Introduce kvm_arch_destroy_vcpu() 5 days ago
  Liran Alon 6b2341eeea target/i386: kvm: Delete VMX migration blocker on vCPU init failure 5 days ago
  Xiaoyao Li 597360c0d8 target/i386: define a new MSR based feature word - FEAT_CORE_CAPABILITY 1 week ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 128531d9e1 i386/kvm: add support for Direct Mode for Hyper-V synthetic timers 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 8caba36db5 i386/kvm: hv-evmcs requires hv-vapic 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov bd59fbdf4f i386/kvm: hv-tlbflush/ipi require hv-vpindex 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov c686193072 i386/kvm: hv-stimer requires hv-time and hv-synic 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov e48ddcc6ce i386/kvm: implement 'hv-passthrough' mode 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov fb19f72b77 i386/kvm: document existing Hyper-V enlightenments 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 2344d22e50 i386/kvm: move Hyper-V CPUID filling to hyperv_handle_properties() 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 6760bd2002 i386/kvm: add support for KVM_GET_SUPPORTED_HV_CPUID 1 month ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 2d384d7c83 i386/kvm: convert hyperv enlightenments properties from bools to bits 1 month ago
  Colin Xu 6f38dca615 hax: Honor CPUState::halted 2 weeks ago
  Yury Kotov e346bcbf44 kvm-all: Add/update fprintf's for kvm_*_ioeventfd_del 2 weeks ago
  Peter Maydell 33d6099906 Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into staging 1 week ago
  Peter Maydell afec70e4de Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/ehabkost/tags/python-next-pull-request' into staging 1 week ago
  Kevin Wolf 128b05f7e0 block/null: Expose read-zeroes option in QAPI schema 1 week ago
  Max Reitz dc68c9d3e8 iotests: Test failure to loosen restrictions 1 month ago
  Max Reitz 1046779e64 block: Ignore loosening perm restrictions failures 1 month ago
  Max Reitz 9eab154415 block: Add *tighten_restrictions to *check*_perm() 1 month ago
  Max Reitz 87ace5f8b6 block: Fix order in bdrv_replace_child() 1 month ago
  Max Reitz a193ad3b3b block/commit: Drop bdrv_child_try_set_perm() 1 month ago
  Max Reitz f94dc3b414 block/mirror: Fix child permissions 1 month ago
  Max Reitz c1087f1206 block: Add bdrv_child_refresh_perms() 1 month ago
  Max Reitz 094e363944 file-posix: Update open_flags in raw_set_perm() 1 month ago
  Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy b23c580c94 block: drop bs->job 2 weeks ago
  Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy 8164102ffe blockdev: blockdev_mark_auto_del: drop usage of bs->job 2 weeks ago