171 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aarushi Mehta 1c5a2aecea qemu-io: adds option to use aio engine 1 month ago
  Kevin Wolf 4fa1f0dc05 qemu-io: Support help options for --object 4 months ago
  Markus Armbruster a8d2532645 Include qemu-common.h exactly where needed 9 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 0b8fa32f55 Include qemu/module.h where needed, drop it from qemu-common.h 9 months ago
  Christophe Fergeau f5852efa29 log: Make glib logging go through QEMU 1 year ago
  Christophe Fergeau 99e98d7c9f qemu-io: Use error_[gs]et_progname() 1 year ago
  Markus Armbruster 7e1e0c1112 qom: Clean up error reporting in user_creatable_add_opts_foreach() 1 year ago
  Max Reitz 6b3aa8485c qemu-io: Exit with error when a command failed 1 year ago
  Max Reitz b32d7a39af qemu-io: Let command functions return error code 1 year ago
  Max Reitz b444d0e9d1 qemu-io: Drop command functions' return values 1 year ago
  Max Reitz 2a01c01f9e qemu-io: Use purely string blockdev options 1 year ago
  Marc-André Lureau cb3e7f08ae qobject: Replace qobject_incref/QINCREF qobject_decref/QDECREF 1 year ago
  Thomas Huth 7e563bfb8a Polish the version strings containing the package version 2 years ago
  Julia Suvorova 3e015d815b use g_path_get_basename instead of basename 2 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 0e448a0544 qemu-io: fix EOF Ctrl-D handling in qemu-io readline code 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster bd006b9818 Include qapi/qmp/qbool.h exactly where needed 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 452fcdbc49 Include qapi/qmp/qdict.h exactly where needed 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 0f40444cc4 qemu-io: Add -C for opening with copy-on-read 2 years ago
  Eric Blake f5048cb751 maint: Include bug-reporting info in --help output 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 4face32a7a qemu-io: Give more --version information 2 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 788cf9f8c8 block: rip out all traces of password prompting 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 64ebf55648 qemu-io: Don't die on second open 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 579cf1d104 block: Use QDict helpers for --force-share 2 years ago
  Fam Zheng 459571f7b2 qemu-io: Add --force-share option 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 46f5ac205a qobject: Use simpler QDict/QList scalar insertion macros 2 years ago
  Nir Soffer b7aa131519 qemu-io: Return non-zero exit code on failure 3 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange fe4db84d49 trace: provide mechanism for registering trace events 3 years ago
  Denis V. Lunev e9a80859d6 trace: enable tracing in qemu-io 3 years ago
  Eduardo Habkost e8f2d2722e Use &error_fatal when initializing crypto on qemu-{img,io,nbd} 3 years ago
  Eric Blake b8d970f1a9 qemu-io: Make 'open' subcommand more like command line 3 years ago
  Eric Blake e4e12bb26d qemu-io: Add missing option documentation 3 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 51b9b478cc qom: -object error messages lost location, restore it 3 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange c229708848 block: initialize qcrypto API at startup 3 years ago
  Kevin Wolf e151fc16dd qemu-io: Call blk_set_enable_write_cache() explicitly 3 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 4ef130fca8 qemu-img/qemu-io: don't prompt for passwords if not required 3 years ago
  Markus Armbruster da34e65cb4 include/qemu/osdep.h: Don't include qapi/error.h 4 years ago
  Max Reitz efaa7c4eeb blockdev: Split monitor reference from BB creation 3 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange a513416ecf qemu-io: use no_argument/required_argument constants 4 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 499afa2512 qemu-io: allow specifying image as a set of options args 4 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 9ba371b634 qemu-io: add support for --object command line arg 4 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 064097d919 nbd: convert block client to use I/O channels for connection setup 4 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini 41fc57e44e trace: split trace_init_file out of trace_init_backends 4 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini 45bd0b41bd trace: split trace_init_events out of trace_init_backends 4 years ago
  Peter Maydell 80c71a241a block: Clean up includes 4 years ago
  Markus Armbruster b988468149 qemu-io qemu-nbd: Use error_report() etc. instead of fprintf() 4 years ago
  Kevin Wolf ff7cfd7d92 qemu-io: Remove duplicate 'open' error message 4 years ago
  Markus Armbruster d49b683644 qerror: Move #include out of qerror.h 5 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 70b9433109 QemuOpts: Wean off qerror_report_err() 5 years ago
  Daniel P. Berrange 8caf02127e qemu-io: prompt for encryption keys when required 4 years ago
  Eric Blake b062ad86dc qemu-io: Use getopt() correctly 4 years ago