69213 Commits (41ae31e3d7696ec639b8fd6c162846244eeaa511)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alberto Garcia 41ae31e3d7 block: Use BDRV_REQUEST_MAX_BYTES instead of BDRV_REQUEST_MAX_SECTORS 7 months ago
  Alberto Garcia b6c246942b qcow2: Define and use QCOW2_COMPRESSED_SECTOR_SIZE 7 months ago
  Max Reitz 50ba5b2d99 block/file-posix: Truncate in xfs_write_zeroes() 7 months ago
  Peter Maydell 6d8e75d41c Fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1701835 6 months ago
  Peter Maydell 76c759e033 This fixes the virtfs documentation (LP 1581976), deprecates the 6 months ago
  Richard Henderson 21ba856499 target/alpha: Fix user-only floating-point exceptions 7 months ago
  Richard Henderson 4a24793290 target/alpha: Clean up alpha_cpu_dump_state 7 months ago
  Peter Maydell 1b46b4daa6 ui: bugfixes for curses, opengl console and kbd state tracker. 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz b44a6b0970 virtfs: Fix documentation of -fsdev and -virtfs 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz 6e4199af73 vl: Deprecate -virtfs_synth 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz aee7f3ecd8 fsdev: Error out when unsupported option is passed 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz 2023243573 fsdev: Move some types definition to qemu-fsdev.c 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz 778f0fad5f fsdev: Drop unused opaque field 6 months ago
  Greg Kurz 7159804d0b fsdev: Drop unused extern declaration 6 months ago
  Peter Maydell 27cb89d1d3 Mostly bugfixes and cleanups, the most important being 6 months ago
  Peter Maydell f2a930ad8c qemu-sparc queue 6 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé 7a188f2b57 hw/net/ne2000: Extract the PCI device from the chipset common code 7 months ago
  Thomas Huth d09ecd8c14 hw/char: Move multi-serial devices into separate file 8 months ago
  Vitaly Kuznetsov 958a01dab8 ioapic: allow buggy guests mishandling level-triggered interrupts to make progress 8 months ago
  Laurent Vivier 29de280401 build: don't build hardware objects with linux-user 8 months ago
  Laurent Vivier 8d5d515a0f build: chardev is only needed for softmmu targets 8 months ago
  Laurent Vivier a512590595 configure: qemu-ga is only needed with softmmu targets 8 months ago
  Laurent Vivier 3dff199cca build: replace GENERATED_FILES by generated-files-y 8 months ago
  Laurent Vivier 5b4a969a70 trace: only include trace-event-subdirs when they are needed 8 months ago
  Paolo Bonzini 6807874d55 sun4m: obey -vga none 8 months ago
  Paolo Bonzini 78c37d88f1 mips-fulong2e: obey -vga none 8 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé 6fa5171f4f hw/i386/acpi: Assert a pointer is not null BEFORE using it 7 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé 81c48dd796 hw/i386/acpi: Add object_resolve_type_unambiguous to improve modularity 7 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé f5e0a8f42f hw/acpi/piix4: Move TYPE_PIIX4_PM to a public header 7 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann 5fff13f245 kbd-state: fix autorepeat handling 7 months ago
  HOU Qiming bfafa473ed ui/console: Precautionary glBindTexture and surface->texture validation in surface_gl_update_texture 7 months ago
  Samuel Thibault 962cf8fd4f ui/curses: manipulate cchar_t with standard curses functions 7 months ago
  Samuel Thibault b7b664a4fe ui/curses: do not assume wchar_t contains unicode 7 months ago
  Peter Maydell e48a748fc8 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- 6 months ago
  Peter Maydell b0f9690e78 code cleanup, switch to transaction_failed hook 6 months ago
  Lukas Straub 78e4f446d2 net/colo-compare.c: Fix a crash in COLO Primary. 7 months ago
  Stefano Garzarella 178a0a5dea net/slirp: fix the IPv6 prefix length error message 7 months ago
  Chris Kenna 427ceb0fec e1000: Never increment the RX undersize count register 8 months ago
  Jason Wang 23bfaf77fa vhost_net: don't set backend for the uninitialized virtqueue 8 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic 918b8adeb2 MAINTAINERS: add myself for leon3 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic 162abf1a83 leon3: introduce the plug and play mechanism 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic dbed0d2d2a leon3: add a little bootloader 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic b70447aaea grlib, apbuart: get rid of the old-style create function 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic 948caec873 grlib, gptimer: get rid of the old-style create function 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic ea005daec3 grlib, irqmp: get rid of the old-style create function 7 months ago
  KONRAD Frederic bd30132cd8 leon3: fix the error message when no bios are provided 7 months ago
  Stephen Checkoway 6b99a110c7 hw/char/escc: Lower irq when transmit buffer is filled 7 months ago
  Wei Yang 39adb536b3 memory: correct the comment to DIRTY_MEMORY_MIGRATION 7 months ago
  Marc-André Lureau 2bb814a45b vl: fix -sandbox parsing crash when seccomp support is disabled 7 months ago
  Chen Zhang 3b9c59daf9 hvf: Add missing break statement 7 months ago