67692 Commits (6ca206204fa773c8626d59caf2a5676d6cc35f52)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Xu 6ca206204f iothread: document about why we need explicit aio_poll() 11 months ago
  Peter Xu b60ec76a13 iothread: push gcontext earlier in the thread_fn 11 months ago
  Peter Xu 0bd2d233c6 iothread: create main loop unconditionally 11 months ago
  Peter Xu b506e0f16c iothread: create the gcontext unconditionally 11 months ago
  Peter Xu 21c4d15b47 iothread: replace init_done_cond with a semaphore 11 months ago
  Anastasiia Rusakova bf4069fbd7 hw/block/virtio-blk: Clean req->dev repetitions 11 months ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi 00a25291e6 MAINTAINERS: add missing support status fields 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 6cb4f6db4f Python queue, 2019-02-22 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 21afe115a4 Enable building and installing rST docs with Sphinx 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell c10e01b996 MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Sphinx documentation infrastructure 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 6038f5fca5 docs/conf.py: Don't hard-code QEMU version 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 57b49737ae Makefile: Abstract out "identify the pkgversion" code 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 5f71eac06e Makefile, configure: Support building rST documentation 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell f8cf7147f1 docs: Provide separate conf.py for each manual we want 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell e250e867dc docs/conf.py: Disable option warnings 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 479fb8a511 docs/conf.py: Don't include rST sources in HTML build 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 4fad3864a8 docs/conf.py: Configure the 'alabaster' theme 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 07fd6563ae docs/conf.py: Disable unused _static directory 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 5329da6a4f docs: Commit initial files from sphinx-quickstart 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 859cdc01a0 docs: Convert memory.txt to rst format 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 0defa86ca3 docs/cpu-hotplug.rst: Fix rST markup issues 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 3a75ef6a0f usb: mtp fixes, guest-reset switch for usb-host. 11 months ago
  Alexander Kappner ba4c735b4f Introduce new "no_guest_reset" parameter for usb-host device 1 year ago
  Bandan Das 7ddf837465 usb-mtp: prevent null dereference while deleting objects 11 months ago
  Bandan Das 298ac63c44 usb-mtp: fix some usb_mtp_write_data return paths 11 months ago
  Bandan Das c5ead51f90 usb-mtp: return incomplete transfer on a lstat failure 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 32694e98b8 Machine queue, 2019-03-06 11 months ago
  David Hildenbrand 14405c274e qdev: Provide qdev_get_bus_hotplug_handler() 11 months ago
  Igor Mammedov 17cc0128da qdev: Let machine hotplug handler to override bus hotplug handler 11 months ago
  David Hildenbrand 07578b0ad6 qdev: Let the hotplug_handler_unplug() caller delete the device 11 months ago
  Igor Mammedov 15160ab72c hostmem: fix crash when querying empty host-nodes property via QMP 1 year ago
  Tony Krowiak 12b2e9f30f qdev/core: fix qbus_is_full() 1 year ago
  Peter Maydell c557a8c7b7 Migation pull 2019-03-06 11 months ago
  Peter Maydell 9b748c5e06 trivial patches pull request (20190206) 11 months ago
  Zhang Chen b5922fc589 qapi/migration.json: Remove a variable that doesn't exist in example 11 months ago
  Zhang Chen db00972922 Migration/colo.c: Make COLO node running after failover 11 months ago
  Zhang Chen b8b5734b09 Migration/colo.c: Fix double close bug when occur COLO failover 11 months ago
  Wei Wang c13c4153f7 virtio-balloon: VIRTIO_BALLOON_F_FREE_PAGE_HINT 1 year ago
  Wei Wang 6eeb63f740 migration/ram.c: add the free page optimization enable flag 1 year ago
  Wei Wang bd2270608f migration/ram.c: add a notifier chain for precopy 1 year ago
  Wei Wang 6bcb05fc42 migration: API to clear bits of guest free pages from the dirty bitmap 1 year ago
  Wei Wang 386a907b37 migration: use bitmap_mutex in migration_bitmap_clear_dirty 1 year ago
  Wei Wang 94960256ae bitmap: bitmap_count_one_with_offset 1 year ago
  Wei Wang e7c91368d2 bitmap: fix bitmap_count_one 1 year ago
  Juan Quintela 609d384407 tests: Add basic migration precopy tcp test 11 months ago
  Juan Quintela 9aca82ba31 migration: Create socket-address parameter 11 months ago
  Juan Quintela cdf842299d tests: Add migration xbzrle test 11 months ago
  Yury Kotov 6cafc8e4dd migration: Add capabilities validation 1 year ago
  Yury Kotov 660a9b6812 tests/migration-test: Add a test for ignore-shared capability 1 year ago
  Yury Kotov fbd162e629 migration: Add an ability to ignore shared RAM blocks 1 year ago