376 Commits (6ca206204fa773c8626d59caf2a5676d6cc35f52)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Juan Quintela 9aca82ba31 migration: Create socket-address parameter 11 months ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 544f6ea324 hmp: Add hmp_announce_self 11 months ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert ee3d96baf3 migration: Add announce parameters 11 months ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 66363e9a43 HMP: Prepend errors with 'Error:' 1 year ago
  Paolo Bonzini 4ad6f6cb14 char: allow specifying a GMainContext at opening time 1 year ago
  Xiao Guangrong aecbfe9c64 migration: introduce pages-per-second 1 year ago
  Eric Blake 5fcbeb0681 nbd: Allow bitmap export during QMP nbd-server-add 1 year ago
  Daniel Henrique Barboza fb06411210 qmp hmp: Make system_wakeup check wake-up support and run state 1 year ago
  Kashyap Chamarthy e25701b730 Deprecate HMP `cpu-add` 1 year ago
  Denis V. Lunev 18613dc6d9 qmp, hmp: make subsystem/system-vendor identities optional 1 year ago
  Xiao Guangrong 76e030004f migration: show the statistics of compression 1 year ago
  Denis V. Lunev 5383a70520 qmp, hmp: add PCI subsystem id and vendor id to PCI info 1 year ago
  Marc-André Lureau d34a10afa8 hmp: fix migrate status timer leak 1 year ago
  John Snow 241ca1ab78 qapi/block-stream: expose new job properties 1 year ago
  Emilio G. Cota dd12e1bbf2 hmp-commands: add sync-profile 1 year ago
  Xiao Guangrong 1d58872a91 migration: do not wait for free thread 1 year ago
  Li Qiang 4cbc9c7ffd migrate/cpu-throttle: Add max-cpu-throttle migration parameter 1 year ago
  Markus Armbruster 361ac948a5 cli qmp: Mark --preconfig, exit-preconfig experimental 1 year ago
  Marc-André Lureau 05eb4a25ae qapi: add conditions to VNC type/commands/events on the schema 1 year ago
  Viktor Prutyanov 2da91b54fe dump: add Windows dump format to dump-guest-memory 1 year ago
  Keno Fischer 5c99fa375d cutils: Provide strchrnul 1 year ago
  Juan Quintela a61c45bd22 migration: Create multifd_bytes ram_counter 1 year ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 8e8581e6b1 hmp: add exit_preconfig 1 year ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 7e555c6c58 migration/postcopy: Add max-postcopy-bandwidth parameter 1 year ago
  Peter Xu d37297dc66 migration/hmp: add migrate_pause command 1 year ago
  Peter Xu 3b563c4be0 hmp/migration: add migrate_recover command 1 year ago
  Peter Xu 7a4da28b26 qmp: hmp: add migrate "resume" option 1 year ago
  Alberto Garcia 83592184d8 hmp: Allow using a qdev id in block_set_io_throttle 1 year ago
  Alexey Perevalov 65ace06045 migration: add postcopy total blocktime into query-migrate 1 year ago
  Satheesh Rajendran 0dfddbb537 hmp.c: Revert hmp_info_cpus output format change 1 year ago
  zhangjixiang 32cd6550f7 HMP: Initialize err before using 2 years ago
  Haozhong Zhang 6388e18de9 qmp: distinguish PC-DIMM and NVDIMM in MemoryDeviceInfoList 1 year ago
  Thomas Huth f771c5440e qapi: Add device ID and head parameters to screendump 1 year ago
  Markus Armbruster eb815e248f qapi: Move qapi-schema.json to qapi/, rename generated files 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 112ed241f5 qapi: Empty out qapi-schema.json 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 9af2398977 Include less of the generated modular QAPI headers 2 years ago
  Viktor Mihajlovski 137b5cb6ab hmp: change hmp_info_cpus to use query-cpus-fast 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster 452fcdbc49 Include qapi/qmp/qdict.h exactly where needed 2 years ago
  Markus Armbruster e688df6bc4 Include qapi/error.h exactly where needed 2 years ago
  Eric Blake 08fb10a729 hmp: Add nbd_server_remove to mirror QMP command 2 years ago
  Eric Blake dba49323ea hmp: Add name parameter to nbd_server_add 2 years ago
  Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy 902a1f94be qapi: add name parameter to nbd-server-add 2 years ago
  Peter Maydell ee86981bda migration: Revert postcopy-blocktime commit set 2 years ago
  Alexey Perevalov ca6011c232 migration: add postcopy total blocktime into query-migrate 2 years ago
  Juan Quintela 741d4086c8 migration: Use proper types in json 2 years ago
  Kevin Wolf c200c4a470 block: Don't acquire AioContext in hmp_qemu_io() 2 years ago
  ZhiPeng Lu 554a39eb32 hmp: Replace error_report_err 2 years ago
  Juan Quintela 73af8dd8d7 migration: Make xbzrle_cache_size a migration parameter 2 years ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 94ae12cba4 migrate: HMP migate_continue 2 years ago
  Amarnath Valluri f4ede81eed tpm: Added support for TPM emulator 2 years ago