71044 Commits (afd760539308a5524accf964107cdb1d54a059e3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Maydell afd7605393 target-arm queue: 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell e018ccb3fb Block layer patches: 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell c6a2225a5a nbd patches for 2019-08-15 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 95a9457fd4 Header cleanup patches for 2019-08-13 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 664b7e3b97 target/arm: Use tcg_gen_extrh_i64_i32 to extract the high word 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 5f8cd06ebc target/arm: Simplify SMMLA, SMMLAR, SMMLS, SMMLSR 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson adefba76e8 target/arm: Use tcg_gen_rotri_i32 for gen_swap_half 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson dd861b3f29 target/arm: Use ror32 instead of open-coding the operation 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 464eaa9571 target/arm: Remove redundant shift tests 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson d1f8755fc9 target/arm: Use tcg_gen_deposit_i32 for PKHBT, PKHTB 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 191f4bfe8d target/arm: Use tcg_gen_extract_i32 for shifter_out_im 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones 30e3537fa5 target/arm/kvm64: Move the get/put of fpsimd registers out 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones 4ed9d9f894 target/arm/kvm64: Fix error returns 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones 46417784d2 target/arm/cpu: Use div-round-up to determine predicate register array size 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones 7b351d9870 target/arm/helper: zcr: Add build bug next to value range assumption 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones ae502508f8 target/arm/cpu: Ensure we can use the pmu with kvm 2 months ago
  Andrew Jones b9e758f0b5 target/arm/cpu64: Ensure kvm really supports aarch64=off 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 640581a06d target/arm: Remove helper_double_saturate 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 3cb3663715 target/arm: Use unallocated_encoding for aarch32 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 06bcbda3f6 target/arm: Remove offset argument to gen_exception_bkpt_insn 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson aee828e754 target/arm: Replace offset with pc in gen_exception_internal_insn 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson a767fac802 target/arm: Replace offset with pc in gen_exception_insn 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson a04159166b target/arm: Replace s->pc with s->base.pc_next 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 4818c3743b target/arm: Remove redundant s->pc & ~1 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 16e0d8234e target/arm: Introduce add_reg_for_lit 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson fdbcf6329d target/arm: Introduce read_pc 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 43722a6d4f target/arm: Introduce pc_curr 2 months ago
  Richard Henderson 331b1ca616 target/arm: Pass in pc to thumb_insn_is_16bit 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 8bd587c106 target/arm: Fix routing of singlestep exceptions 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell c1d5f50f09 target/arm: Factor out 'generate singlestep exception' function 2 months ago
  Aaron Hill 88e1b59ee3 Set ENET_BD_BDU in I.MX FEC controller 2 months ago
  Damien Hedde a6b3ed2348 hw/misc/zynq_slcr: use standard register definition 2 months ago
  Alex Bennée 2bd5f41c00 target/arm: generate a custom MIDR for -cpu max 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 1f3a51f3fe - Fix for ctrl queue in the virtio-net QOS driver 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 54d31236b9 sysemu: Split sysemu/runstate.h off sysemu/sysemu.h 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 2f780b6a91 sysemu: Move the VMChangeStateEntry typedef to qemu/typedefs.h 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 46517dd497 Include sysemu/sysemu.h a lot less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster d5938f29fe Clean up inclusion of sysemu/sysemu.h 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster b58c5c2dd2 numa: Move remaining NUMA declarations from sysemu.h to numa.h 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 7969dd9169 Include sysemu/hostmem.h less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster a44432b44f numa: Don't include hw/boards.h into sysemu/numa.h 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 12e9493df9 Include hw/boards.h a bit less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster a27bd6c779 Include hw/qdev-properties.h less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster db72581598 Include qemu/main-loop.h less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster dc5e9ac716 Include qemu/queue.h slightly less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 650d103d3e Include hw/hw.h exactly where needed 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster e7febd9597 Include qom/object.h slightly less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster d484205210 Include exec/memory.h slightly less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster d645427057 Include migration/vmstate.h less 2 months ago
  Markus Armbruster 8a9358cc6e migration: Move the VMStateDescription typedef to typedefs.h 2 months ago