73261 Commits (e10bf1fe00eceb2dbff973f5939036ef3f3c77a4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Maydell e10bf1fe00 seabios: update to pre-1.13 snapshot (with ahci fix included). 2 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann 0221d73ce6 seabios: update to pre-1.13 snapshot 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell aa464db69b Update version for v4.2.0-rc1 release 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell ef45f7b378 Fix CID 1407221 and stime() 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 04d57cfa7e For upstream 2 months ago
  Laurent Vivier 0f1f2d4596 linux-user: remove host stime() syscall 2 months ago
  Laurent Vivier c0cb880153 linux-user: fix missing break 2 months ago
  Edgar E. Iglesias c49a41b0b9 target/microblaze: Plug temp leak around eval_cond_jmp() 2 months ago
  Edgar E. Iglesias f91c60f0ca target/microblaze: Plug temp leaks with delay slot setup 2 months ago
  Edgar E. Iglesias a633801526 target/microblaze: Plug temp leaks for loads/stores 5 months ago
  Peter Maydell 2a7e7c3e10 Testing and plugins for rc1 2 months ago
  Alex Bennée 3fb356cc86 tcg plugins: expose an API version concept 2 months ago
  Alex Bennée 05273a43af .travis.yml: don't run make check with multiple jobs 2 months ago
  Alex Bennée 5b4b4865f4 tests/vm: support sites with sha512 checksums 2 months ago
  Alex Bennée 860eacec58 tests: only run ipmi-bt-test if CONFIG_LINUX 2 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann 2548b4a7d3 tests/vm: update netbsd to version 8.1 2 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann 00963aca8b tests/vm: use console_consume for netbsd 2 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann 6c4f0416be tests/vm: add console_consume helper 2 months ago
  Gerd Hoffmann af093bc937 tests/vm: netbsd autoinstall, using serial console 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 039e285e09 Trivial fixes (20191112) 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell b0f2855bd0 - Fix memory leaks for QTESTS 2 months ago
  Jan Kiszka 5c62979ed5 ivshmem-server: Terminate also on SIGINT 5 months ago
  Jan Kiszka 0602a6166d ivshmem-server: Clean up shmem on shutdown 5 months ago
  Greg Kurz 88ed5db16c numa: Add missing \n to error message 2 months ago
  Greg Kurz d55e937d3e qom: Fix error message in object_class_property_add() 2 months ago
  Bruce Rogers 32eb2da326 Makefile: install bios-microvm like other binary blobs 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 9f2ce35dfa Remove no-longer-true statement that TCG is BSD-licensed 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell cb974c95df tcg/LICENSE: Remove out of date claim about TCG subdirectory licensing 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 2552e30cba tcg/ppc/tcg-target.opc.h: Add copyright/license 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 2029bf7e52 tcg/i386/tcg-target.opc.h: Add copyright/license 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 97105f2921 tcg/aarch64/tcg-target.opc.h: Add copyright/license 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell b626eb031a target-arm queue: 2 months ago
  Clement Deschamps 45c078f163 hw/arm/boot: Set NSACR.{CP11, CP10} in dummy SMC setup routine 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 894d354fd8 Remove unassigned_access CPU hook 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell af2a580f7e ptimer: Remove old ptimer_init_with_bh() API 2 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé 623ef637a2 configure: Check bzip2 is available 2 months ago
  Philippe Mathieu-Daudé 05dfa22b5b configure: Only decompress EDK2 blobs for X86/ARM targets 2 months ago
  Dr. David Alan Gilbert 84b2c7e59a tests/migration: Print some debug on bad status 2 months ago
  Jan Kiszka 611aa4d00d MAINTAINERS: slirp: Remove myself as maintainer 5 months ago
  Marc-André Lureau 741309136e cpu-plug-test: fix leaks 2 months ago
  Marc-André Lureau 36524a1a3d qtest: fix qtest_qmp_device_add leak 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 654efcb511 Fix dp8393x when used in big-endian/double-word mode 2 months ago
  Laurent Vivier c744cf7879 dp8393x: fix dp8393x_receive() 2 months ago
  Laurent Vivier af9f0be36c dp8393x: put the DMA buffer in the state structure 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 1cee80fa66 usb: fix for usb-host 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 59015778f3 Update version for v4.2.0-rc0 release 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell f14c8b1b0d Block patches for 4.2.0-rc0/4.1.1: 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 6a5d22083d Trivial fixes (20191105-v3) 2 months ago
  Peter Maydell 763657b1fc RDMA queue 2 months ago
  Max Reitz b7cd2c11f7 iotests: Add test for 4G+ compressed qcow2 write 2 months ago