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Wei Yang 25d68ffb6b CODING_STYLE: indent example code as all others 11 months ago
accel cputlb: Fix io_readx() to respect the access_type 10 months ago
audio audio: fix audio timer rate conversion bug 10 months ago
authz filemon: fix watch IDs to avoid potential wraparound issues 10 months ago
backends vhost-user: simplify vhost_user_init/vhost_user_cleanup 11 months ago
block block/qed: add missed coroutine_fn markers 9 months ago
bsd-user cpu: Rename parse_cpu_model() to parse_cpu_option() 10 months ago
capstone @ 22ead3e0bf disas: Add capstone as submodule 2 years ago
chardev char-pty: Print "char device redirected" message to stdout 10 months ago
contrib contrib/rdmacm-mux: Fix out-of-bounds risk 11 months ago
crypto trace-events: Shorten file names in comments 11 months ago
default-configs Add generic Nios II board. 9 months ago
disas disas: Rename include/disas/bfd.h back to include/disas/dis-asm.h 10 months ago
docs Pull request 9 months ago
dtc @ 88f18909db Update dtc/libfdt submodule to v1.4.7 1 year ago
fpu hardfloat: fix float32/64 fused multiply-add 11 months ago
fsdev qemu/queue.h: leave head structs anonymous unless necessary 1 year ago
gdb-xml RISC-V: Add 64-bit gdb xml files. 11 months ago
hw hw/net/pcnet: Use qemu_log_mask(GUEST_ERROR) instead of printf 9 months ago
include block: introduce byte-based io helpers 9 months ago
io trace-events: Shorten file names in comments 11 months ago
libdecnumber build: remove CONFIG_LIBDECNUMBER 2 years ago
linux-headers linux-headers: add linux/mman.h. 10 months ago
linux-user cpu: Rename parse_cpu_model() to parse_cpu_option() 10 months ago
migration migration/ram.c: Fix use-after-free in multifd_recv_unfill_packet() 10 months ago
nbd nbd/client: Fix error message for server with unusable sizing 10 months ago
net net: tap: use qemu_set_nonblock 11 months ago
pc-bios Support for booting from a vfio-ccw passthrough dasd device 10 months ago
po po/Makefile: Modern shell scripting (use $() instead of ``) 1 year ago
python/qemu Python queue, 2019-02-22 11 months ago
qapi qapi/migration.json: Rename COLOStatus last_mode to last-mode 10 months ago
qga qga: process_event() simplification 11 months ago
qobject json: Fix off-by-one assert check in next_state() 11 months ago
qom qom/cpu: Simplify how CPUClass:cpu_dump_state() prints 10 months ago
replay replay: Exit on errors reading from replay log 1 year ago
roms roms: build edk2 firmware binaries and variable store templates 10 months ago
scripts scripts/update-linux-headers: add linux/mman.h 10 months ago
scsi log: Make glib logging go through QEMU 10 months ago
slirp slirp: Gcc 9 -O3 fix 10 months ago
stubs qemu-print: New qemu_printf(), qemu_vprintf() etc. 10 months ago
target target/hppa: Always return EXCP_DMAR for protection id trap 9 months ago
tcg tcg/arm: Restrict constant pool displacement to 12 bits 10 months ago
tests hmp: gva2gpa debug command 9 months ago
trace trace: Simplify how st_print_trace_file_status() prints 10 months ago
ui curses: fix wchar_t printf warning 10 months ago
util cutils: Fix size_to_str() on 32-bit platforms 9 months ago
.cirrus.yml cirrus.yml: Add macOS continuous integration task 11 months ago
.dir-locals.el Add .dir-locals.el file to configure emacs coding style 4 years ago
.editorconfig editorconfig: set emacs mode 1 year ago
.exrc qemu: add .exrc 7 years ago
.gdbinit .gdbinit: load QEMU sub-commands when gdb starts 2 years ago
.gitignore Makefile: install the edk2 firmware images and their descriptors 10 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml Add a gitlab-ci file for Continuous Integration testing on Gitlab 1 year ago
.gitmodules roms: add the edk2 project as a git submodule 1 year ago
.gitpublish Add a git-publish configuration file 1 year ago
.mailmap maint: Grammar fix to mailmap 1 year ago
.shippable.yml .shippable.yml: disable the win cross tests 1 year ago
.travis.yml .travis.yml: reduce number of targets built while disabling things 11 months ago
CODING_STYLE CODING_STYLE: indent example code as all others 9 months ago
COPYING COPYING: update from FSF 11 years ago
COPYING.LIB COPYING.LIB: Synchronize the LGPL 2.1 with the version from 1 year ago
Changelog Use HTTPS for and other domains 2 years ago
HACKING HACKING: document preference for g_new instead of g_malloc 1 year ago kconfig: add dependencies on CONFIG_MSI_NONBROKEN 11 months ago
LICENSE vfio: move hw/misc/vfio.c to hw/vfio/pci.c Move vfio.h into include/hw/vfio 5 years ago
MAINTAINERS hw/devices: Move TI touchscreen declarations into a new header 9 months ago
Makefile Pull request 9 months ago
Makefile.objs RISC-V: Convert trap debugging to trace events 11 months ago tests/tcg: enable tcg tests for softmmu 11 months ago
README README: use 'https://' instead of 'git://' 1 year ago
VERSION Open 4.1 development tree 10 months ago
arch_init.c arch_init: sort architectures 1 year ago
balloon.c balloon: Allow multiple inhibit users 1 year ago
block.c block: Fix AioContext switch for bs->drv == NULL 9 months ago
blockdev-nbd.c nbd: allow authorization with nbd-server-start QMP command 11 months ago
blockdev.c blockdev: Make -drive format=help print to stdout 10 months ago
blockjob.c blockjob: fix user pause in block_job_error_action 11 months ago
bootdevice.c fw_cfg: ignore suffixes in the bootdevice list dependent on machine class 1 year ago
bt-host.c all: Clean up includes 4 years ago
bt-vhci.c all: Clean up includes 4 years ago
configure configure: Remove --source-path option 9 months ago
cpus-common.c qemu/queue.h: simplify reverse access to QTAILQ 1 year ago
cpus.c qom/cpu: Simplify how CPUClass:cpu_dump_state() prints 10 months ago
device-hotplug.c hmp: Fix drive_add ... format=help crash 10 months ago
device_tree.c device_tree: Fix integer overflowing in load_device_tree() 10 months ago
disas.c disas: Rename include/disas/bfd.h back to include/disas/dis-asm.h 10 months ago
dma-helpers.c block: explicitly acquire aiocontext in bottom halves that need it 3 years ago
dump.c dump: Set correct vaddr for ELF dump 1 year ago
exec.c Machine queue, 2019-04-25 10 months ago
gdbstub.c gdbstub: fix vCont packet handling when no thread is specified 11 months ago
gitdm.config contrib: gitdm: add a mapping for Janus Technologies 11 months ago
hmp-commands-info.hx {hmp, hw/pvrdma}: Expose device internals via monitor interface 11 months ago
hmp-commands.hx hmp: gva2gpa debug command 9 months ago
hmp.c hmp: delvm: use hmp_handle_error 9 months ago
hmp.h {hmp, hw/pvrdma}: Expose device internals via monitor interface 11 months ago
ioport.c trace: switch to modular code generation for sub-directories 3 years ago
iothread.c iothread: document about why we need explicit aio_poll() 11 months ago
job-qmp.c jobs: canonize Error object 1 year ago
job.c job: Fix off-by-one assert checks for JobSTT and JobVerbTable 1 year ago
memory.c memory: Clean up how mtree_info() prints 10 months ago exec: Fix MAP_RAM for cached access 1 year ago
memory_mapping.c qemu/queue.h: simplify reverse access to QTAILQ 1 year ago
module-common.c all: Clean up includes 4 years ago
monitor.c hmp: gva2gpa debug command 9 months ago
numa.c numa: Fixed the memory leak of numa error message 1 year ago
os-posix.c util: add qemu_write_pidfile() 1 year ago
os-win32.c util: add qemu_write_pidfile() 1 year ago
qdev-monitor.c monitor: Simplify how -device/device_add print help 10 months ago
qemu-bridge-helper.c all: Remove unnecessary glib.h includes 3 years ago
qemu-deprecated.texi socket: allow wait=false for client socket 10 months ago
qemu-doc.texi qemu-doc: Add section on MIPS' Boston board 11 months ago
qemu-edid.c display/edid: add edid generator to qemu. 1 year ago
qemu-ga.texi qemu-ga: Remove stray 'q' in documentation 3 years ago
qemu-img-cmds.hx qemu-img: fix .hx and .texi disparity 10 months ago
qemu-img.c qemu-img: use buffer-based io 9 months ago
qemu-img.texi qemu-img: fix .hx and .texi disparity 10 months ago
qemu-io-cmds.c block/qapi: Clean up how we print to monitor or stdout 10 months ago
qemu-io.c log: Make glib logging go through QEMU 10 months ago
qemu-keymap.c ui: use enum to string helpers 1 year ago
qemu-nbd.c log: Make glib logging go through QEMU 10 months ago
qemu-nbd.texi qemu-nbd: add support for authorization of TLS clients 11 months ago
qemu-option-trace.texi qemu-option-trace: -trace enable= is a pattern, not a file 1 year ago
qemu-options-wrapper.h qemu-img: remove references to GEN_DOCS 1 year ago
qemu-options.h Clean up ill-advised or unusual header guards 3 years ago
qemu-options.hx Add Nios II semihosting support. 9 months ago
qemu-seccomp.c seccomp: report more useful errors from seccomp 11 months ago
qemu-tech.texi cli qmp: Mark --preconfig, exit-preconfig experimental 1 year ago
qemu.nsi Use HTTPS for and other domains 2 years ago
qemu.sasl Default to GSSAPI (Kerberos) instead of DIGEST-MD5 for SASL 2 years ago
qmp.c qapi: make query-cpu-definitions depend on specific targets 1 year ago
qtest.c char: allow specifying a GMainContext at opening time 1 year ago
replication.c replication: Introduce new APIs to do replication operation 3 years ago
replication.h block/replication: Remove protocol_name field 1 year ago
rules.mak build: switch to Kconfig 11 months ago
thunk.c thunk: improve readability of allocation loop 11 months ago
tpm.c tpm: Clean up error reporting in tpm_init_tpmdev() 1 year ago
trace-events trace-events: Fix attribution of trace points to source 11 months ago
version.rc Use HTTPS for and other domains 2 years ago
vl.c trace: fix runstate tracing 9 months ago
win_dump.c dump: fix Windows dump memory run mapping 1 year ago
win_dump.h dump: move Windows dump structures definitions 1 year ago


         QEMU README

QEMU is a generic and open source machine & userspace emulator and

QEMU is capable of emulating a complete machine in software without any
need for hardware virtualization support. By using dynamic translation,
it achieves very good performance. QEMU can also integrate with the Xen
and KVM hypervisors to provide emulated hardware while allowing the
hypervisor to manage the CPU. With hypervisor support, QEMU can achieve
near native performance for CPUs. When QEMU emulates CPUs directly it is
capable of running operating systems made for one machine (e.g. an ARMv7
board) on a different machine (e.g. an x86_64 PC board).

QEMU is also capable of providing userspace API virtualization for Linux
and BSD kernel interfaces. This allows binaries compiled against one
architecture ABI (e.g. the Linux PPC64 ABI) to be run on a host using a
different architecture ABI (e.g. the Linux x86_64 ABI). This does not
involve any hardware emulation, simply CPU and syscall emulation.

QEMU aims to fit into a variety of use cases. It can be invoked directly
by users wishing to have full control over its behaviour and settings.
It also aims to facilitate integration into higher level management
layers, by providing a stable command line interface and monitor API.
It is commonly invoked indirectly via the libvirt library when using
open source applications such as oVirt, OpenStack and virt-manager.

QEMU as a whole is released under the GNU General Public License,
version 2. For full licensing details, consult the LICENSE file.


QEMU is multi-platform software intended to be buildable on all modern
Linux platforms, OS-X, Win32 (via the Mingw64 toolchain) and a variety
of other UNIX targets. The simple steps to build QEMU are:

mkdir build
cd build

Additional information can also be found online via the QEMU website:

Submitting patches

The QEMU source code is maintained under the GIT version control system.

git clone

When submitting patches, one common approach is to use 'git
format-patch' and/or 'git send-email' to format & send the mail to the mailing list. All patches submitted must contain
a 'Signed-off-by' line from the author. Patches should follow the
guidelines set out in the HACKING and CODING_STYLE files.

Additional information on submitting patches can be found online via
the QEMU website

The QEMU website is also maintained under source control.

git clone

A 'git-publish' utility was created to make above process less
cumbersome, and is highly recommended for making regular contributions,
or even just for sending consecutive patch series revisions. It also
requires a working 'git send-email' setup, and by default doesn't
automate everything, so you may want to go through the above steps
manually for once.

For installation instructions, please go to

The workflow with 'git-publish' is:

$ git checkout master -b my-feature
$ # work on new commits, add your 'Signed-off-by' lines to each
$ git publish

Your patch series will be sent and tagged as my-feature-v1 if you need to refer
back to it in the future.

Sending v2:

$ git checkout my-feature # same topic branch
$ # making changes to the commits (using 'git rebase', for example)
$ git publish

Your patch series will be sent with 'v2' tag in the subject and the git tip
will be tagged as my-feature-v2.

Bug reporting

The QEMU project uses Launchpad as its primary upstream bug tracker. Bugs
found when running code built from QEMU git or upstream released sources
should be reported via:

If using QEMU via an operating system vendor pre-built binary package, it
is preferable to report bugs to the vendor's own bug tracker first. If
the bug is also known to affect latest upstream code, it can also be
reported via launchpad.

For additional information on bug reporting consult:


The QEMU community can be contacted in a number of ways, with the two
main methods being email and IRC

- #qemu on

Information on additional methods of contacting the community can be
found online via the QEMU website:

-- End