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Scirius Community Edition is a web interface dedicated to Suricata ruleset management.
It handles the rules file and update associated files.

.. image::
:alt: Suricata page
:align: center

Scirius CE is developed by `Stamus Networks <>`_ and is available under the
GNU GPLv3 license.


Scirius can build Suricata ruleset composed of different sources. Sources or feeds can be picked from public sources
published by `OISF <>`_ or can be custom.

.. image::
:alt: public sources from OISF
:align: center

Scirius will take care of refreshing the sources and composing the ruleset by applying your transformation
on it.

.. image::
:alt: Ruleset with 5 sources
:align: center

Transformations like disabling a rule or applying a threshold (to lower the noise only) can be made
for each rule or at the category level.

.. image::
:alt: Rule page
:align: center

Scirius also presents statistics on rules activity to give information and facilitate the tuning.

Get Help


`Scirius Documentation <>`_ is on readthedocs.


You can join IRC #SELKS channel on ` <>`_ to get help.

You can also ask Scirius related questions on `SELKS Forum <!forum/selks>`_.

Report an issue

You can report an issue on `GitHub issue page <>`_.


From improving the documentation to coding new features, there is more than one way to contribute to Scirius. And for
all contributions please use a `Pull Request <>`_ on Github.