Cubo Libre Free software, open source hardware, secure computer.
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Cubo Libre

Free software, open source hardware, secure computer.


Cubo Libre is a Free Software, Open Source Hardware, secure computer currently under development.

To have a secure computer, no part may be a "black box". All software and hardware needs to be libre, so it can be subject to audit and review.

Where any component falls short of being libre, it will be documented and considered a critical bug.

To have a secure system, you need to have:

  • Secure hardware.

  • Secure firmware.

  • Secure operating systems.

  • Secure applications.

At present, nearly every computer system in the world fails on all four counts above.


To achieve the above goals, best-of-class Free Software and Open Source Hardware will be used. There is a paucity of hardware at present, so best-of-class least-worst-component will be used until a suitable replacement is found. Free Software / Open Source Hardware will be prioritized over all other features.

The system will be designed to be secure from RF eavesdropping.

  • Mini cluster workstation/server system.

  • RISC-V Architecture for main systems.

  • OpenBSD and GNU/Linux based operating systems.

  • Strong emphasis on only libre firmware. Meticulous search for exceptions.

  • Application vertical targeting secure blockchain computing.


See the cubolibre-bom.ods spreadsheet for hardware details.

Main components

  • 5x+ SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V motherboards.

  • Trellisboard FPGA PCBA. Trellisboard

  • 12U RF/EMI secure cabinet.

  • 2U rackmount cases.

  • GPDI (General-Purpose Differential Interface) digital video out.

  • RF/EMI secure keyboard, mouse, monitor.

  • USB hardware firewalls.

  • NVMe storage, clustered.

  • 10G fiber out.

  • Secure power in/out.

  • External hardware time sync (GPS).

  • Audio diodes for mic/speaker.

  • Physical lockdown.

Hardware Repositories

Source file git repositories:

Mirrors will be made of all upstream hardware used.


Overview of main software components. Acceptable licenses will follow the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) list.

Mirrors will be made of all upstream software used.

Software Repositories

Source file repositories:



  • Bill of Materials (BOM) draft underway.

  • Some components ordered.

  • Component quoting underway.

  • Prototype development is using the Microchip Icicle Kit RISC-V ASIC and FPGA development board.

  • Trellisboards have been manufactured and tested. A+. Need component updates for supply chain.

  • SiFive motherboard is "expected" to ship in March (2021).

  • USB Hardware firewall clone manufactured. fs-usb-firewall-sm

  • Design of new USB hardware firewall underway in KiCAD.

  • ULX3S, perchance.

iditarod Similar in concept to this computer built in 2000 using PowerPC boards for Terrasoft Solutions running Yellow Dog Linux. But more secure, RF enclosed, RISC-V, etc.

ULX3S ULX3S Libre FPGA board.


  • Libre keyboard controller, WASD Libre