100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jeff Moe c900ea22ea mirror.puresauce.org 1 month ago
  Jeff Moe ec0c8a590e PureSAUCE fork from PureOS 1 month ago
  Matthias Klumpp 95d398d631 Add hack to get rid of termit from the live image 3 months ago
  Matthias Klumpp 003b73099e Temporarily use HTTP repo URL 3 months ago
  Matthias Klumpp 031ee421f8 Set tasksel to apt 3 months ago
  Matthias Klumpp bbb7a256cd Show installer link in GNOME Shell favourites on OEM install as well 8 months ago
  Matthias Klumpp 471128aed3 Install adwaita-qt on GNOME images 8 months ago
  Matthias Klumpp c37b500444 trivial: typo 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 6a4a44b29f Set default image type if none is set 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 1e4ef3a61a Add release tags to most places where a version is used 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 3273c345a5 Try to force memotest86+ availability 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 2517c48696 Add additional isolinux/syslinux binary symlinks 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp a721735617 Explicitly set memtest implementation 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 1d5d201fde Display OEM installer launcher in OEM images 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp a183042b56 Update amber version, add byzantium 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 2dd2577818 Drop some cruft 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 984d88afe1 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Jeremiah C. Foster 0a357e64ad README.md: clean-up 1 year ago
  Jeremiah C. Foster cc2c143812 Changing green to Amber in a couple places. 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 0bc3c28423 trivial: Add minor version to amber version - we may have point releases now 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp ba1742309d Allow setting a suite name explicitly 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 92df90df6a Clean up some unneeded flags 1 year ago
  Matthias Klumpp 91a5638fe3 Configure for amber 1 year ago
  Jeremiah Foster 254998a979 Merge branch 'jeremiah.foster-master-patch-36676' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Jeremiah Foster 24bbcd1866 Update auto/config with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH env variable 1 year ago
  Chris Lamb 85764dcce2 Add instructions from <CAKNHny8ZXyzAD6fCa0WS2wDs_bxQcO0oKyFns3Q022yuCVkDKw@mail.gmail.com>. 2 years ago
  Jeremiah C. Foster 0161b67aec Adding README 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 93b8efda84 Try to ensure we bootstrap with merged-usr 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp a5c422b22b Explicitly update locale and AppStream information 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp fc3f14a6fe Completely drop d-i option 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 6ef76a02fe Disable d-i and win32 loader 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 20b8688fdf Add placeholder grub-efi file 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 5ece1d0a7f Don't offer d-i install option on live media 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 6ba168628f Hide non OEM install menu option on OEM image 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 6d2de55fd9 Drop old OEM install script 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 07c08c5ce5 Switch to casper and Calamares-based OEM install 2 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp e68a4e01e7 oem: Update PureOS base image url again 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp d4b9fc870a oem: Update the live image url 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp f0d3de9ec5 Add ability to build KDE Plasma live images 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 970d1c0646 Include timestamp in ISO image name 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 588569e23b Prepare for supporting more complex flavors 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 156f14714f oem: Use the newest live image as base 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp ae61f960f0 Revert "oem: Get the most recent image" 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 3c7bddd9af oem: Get the most recent image 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp f1e4d78afc oem: Allow manual target disk selection 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 6cb7691373 oem: Update live snapshot ISO url 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp c44f85b683 oem: Try to guess the primary disk better 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 58b7862e0a Use https everywhere 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp 82940ccf8d oem: Allow disabling the find-fastest-disk heuristics 3 years ago
  Matthias Klumpp ef5a8cea93 oem: Use a more recent live image 3 years ago