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# SMT Component Solder HOWTO
## This is a work in progress and subject to change
## Items needed
* Component(s) to be added
* PCB cradle
* Solder paste
* No clean flux
* Cotton swabs
* Soldering Iron
* Tweezers
## Procedure
1. Secure the PCB into the cradle.
2. Apply solder paste to the PCB.
3. Using tweezers, place the component into position on the PCB.
4. Using the heat pen, melt the paste onto the component. The paste should conform onto the copper leads on the PCB.
5. Repeat for all components.
If there is a bridge between two leads and melting it with the heat pen doesnt solve the problem, then continue.
6. Using a cotton swab, apply a coat of no clean flux to the solder bridge.
7. Heat up the soldering iron to 420 C. Press the iron onto the solder bridge to melt it. This should break the bridge.
8. Repeat for other bridges.